Therapy Is In Session: Kanye, Pharrell, R. Kelly Hop On Luda's LP

Rapper also shakes his 'Money Maker' with Neptunes on Release Therapy.

Ludacris is tired of people taking jabs at him on records, so in the spirit of hip-hop, Luda will respond with a flurry of retaliatory rhymes.

The first track from his new Release Therapy LP, due this fall, has 'Cris flexing his lyrical muscle in the face of an unknown foe.

"I'm the best and there's nothing you can do about it," he raps on "War With God." "Keep running your mouth and I'mma knock a tooth up out it/ ... How many times you gonna rap about busting your gun?/ ... Only shots you ever took were subliminal to the general."

Ludacris doesn't call out any names, which set off a maelstrom of speculation online, in barbershops and on the radio about who he's calling out.

Later on his album (see "Wall Street Luda Celebrates New Deals: Therapy LP, Radio Show, DTP Comp"), there is no mistaking who Ludacris is addressing: the opposite sex. The chorus on the Neptunes-produced collaboration "Money Maker" goes, "Shake your money maker/ Somebody's about to pay her/ Don't worry about them haters/ ... Keep your nose up." Luda originally recorded the song with Nelly, but his St. Louis friend has since been taken off the song and Luda is instead going at it solo, according to his label, Def Jam.

R. Kelly appears on "Woozy," which has a line from the Pied Piper so risqué, ex-2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell might blush when he hears it. And Pharrell Williams checks back in on "Girls Gone Wild."

Ludacris keeps the punch lines coming on Release Therapy, rapping on one untitled record, "I'm a heavyweight, you n---as is lighter than my complexion," and he also boasts he's the "hottest thing on the go since PSP/ Just figured out I'm ahead of my time/ With a flow so fast I'm ahead of my rhyme."

Kanye West, Timbaland, Jermaine Dupri, Rick Rubin and the Track Starz all contributed beats, and there might be a track provided by the Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am sometime soon. Ludacris hasn't picked the album's first single yet.

This week, Luda's company, Disturbing Tha Peace, saw its newest recruits, Field Mob, debut in Billboard's top 10 with their Light Poles and Pine Trees(see "Wall Street Luda Celebrates New Deals: Therapy LP, Radio Show, DTP Comp"). This week, Shawnna dropped her second LP, Block Music, and Bobby Valentino just released "Wreck," the first single from his upcoming Special Occasion LP.

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