Staind: Comedy Pros? Band Re-Creates High School Graduation Party For New Video

Band also has plans to tour, write songs, entertain U.S. troops.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — You'd never know it from their music, but Staind are quite the comedy aficionados and consider themselves experts on "Animal House," "Caddyshack" and "Big Daddy."

Now, after working some humor into their last clip (see "New Staind Video Depicts Dark Side Of Pee Wee Football"), the rockers are paying homage to another one of their favorite laughers: Richard Linklater's 1993 film "Dazed and Confused."

The Mike Sloat-directed video for "Everything Changes" is their third for 2005's Chapter V, following "Falling."

"It's the last day of high school," guitarist Mike Mushok said of the clip's plot, which follows several students on a night of hookups and fights. "That's pretty much a huge changing point in most people's lives, when you graduate high school and you actually go off into the real world. And we're the band playing the high school party."

Singer Aaron Lewis would say only that the song is about "everything changing." He added that he always knew it was a potential single.

"It was one of the songs that we did at the end [of the album sessions]," he said. "I was messing around and we pushed 'record' on something — I threw out four or five ideas and that was one of them. It really just all fell together pretty quickly."

Staind are releasing "Everything Changes" to mainstream radio and video outlets while simultaneously pushing "King of All Excuses" to rock radio.

"['King' is] one of the heavier songs on the record, and we decided people kind of associate us with songs like 'Everything Changes,' but we also have these heavier songs," Mushok explained.

The band is currently taking a few weeks' vacation but will return to the road in Australia in July and then come back to the States in August for a trek with Three Days Grace and either Seether or Soil. Before that, Staind will play another show for U.S. soldiers, this one at a festival at the Marine Corps base at Hawaii's Kaneohe Bay, with Juvenile and a handful of other artists.

"We did three shows on three bases," Mushok said of the gigs the band performed for soldiers in Germany last March. "Two 'welcome home' shows and one show for what they call the walking wounded, which [are soldiers who,] after they got out of the hospital, go to recovery before they go back to their assignments — and it was a great experience.

"They're not the ones making the decisions, they're the ones volunteering themselves to go over and see it through, and I think that deserves all of our support," Lewis added.

While on the road, Staind will start banking ideas for their next LP.

"We're always trying to work on ideas just 'cause there's gonna come a time when you have to have songs to write, and the more stuff you have backed up the better," Mushok said. "Hopefully some of it's good. That's always the hope."