New Found Glory Find A Home For New Release — September

Guitarist Chad Gilbert says first single, 'It's Not Your Fault,' will drop in July.

He's spent four months in a Malibu mansion working on it, given three perplexing interviews with MTV News promoting it and employed two big-name musical talents (producer Thom Panunzio and singer/songwriter Jackson Browne) to help record it.

Finally, New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert is ready to announce all the details about his band's long-awaited new album.

"It's called Coming Home, and it's scheduled to come out on September 19," he said. New Found's label, Geffen Records, confirmed that is, in fact, the tentative release date. "The first single is called 'It's Not Your Fault,' and it comes out in July. It's a song we've had around for a while, and we just perfected it. It's got big, full guitars and a piano line that goes throughout. It's pretty anthemic, and [frontman] Jordan [Pundik's] voice has never sounded better."

Gilbert first mentioned the song back in January, when he broke the news that Panunzio would be helming the sessions for NFG's new album (see "New Found Glory LP Gets Even Weirder: Band Working With Springsteen Associate"). And it turns out that working with the producer — who's logged studio time with Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty — had a lot of perks.

"Thom had all these famous friends that he'd just bring in to the studio to listen to our music," Gilbert said. "And we ended up getting Benmont Tench — who plays keyboards for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and has played with Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan — to play all the B3 organ and all the piano on our album. That's him playing piano on 'It's Not Your Fault.' "

Though a final track list wasn't available, Gilbert said there will be 13 tracks on Coming Home, including "Oxygen," "On My Mind," "Hold My Hand," "Love and Pain," "Connected," "Familiar Landscapes," "Taken Back By You" and one untitled "sort of folky song with handclaps and finger snaps" that Gilbert performs on the acoustic guitar.

"The songs are all pretty different, sonically speaking, but they're all sort of tied together by this theme of wanting to go home," he explained. "All of us are either married or having kids or being engaged, and we were always apart from the people we loved. All our relationships were long-distance ones. And so reading the lyrics and hearing the songs, it made sense to call the record Coming Home, because we all miss that feeling of holding our loved ones in our arms."

NFG also just finished shooting the cover and liner art for the record (with photog du jour Autumn DeWilde), and they'll spend the next few weeks hemming and hawing over video treatments for "It's Not Your Fault." Gilbert also said there's a tour in the works, scheduled to kick off in early October. And he's pumped to have his fans get a listen to what he's calling "the best thing he's ever done."

"Everyone who's heard the album has been blown away — by Jordan's voice and the guitars and the production and everything," he said. "It's going to be totally awesome."