Not-So-Kind Buds Harold And Kumar Bash Bush In 'Amsterdam'

'Kumar may find love,' actor John Cho reveals. 'But not with Harold.'

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — When we last saw the heroes of 2004's "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," they had managed to get themselves out of prison, ditch Neil Patrick Harris, take down the "extreme!" sports punks and stuff themselves full of sliders. Once Maria Quesa Dilla finally returned Harold's flirtations and headed off to Amsterdam, however, there were many questions left hanging: Are the boys still obsessed with a Cruise-possessed Katie Holmes? What became of Freakshow? And, most importantly, will the boys leave the hash bars long enough to find true love?

To answer those questions and more, John "Harold Lee" Cho giddily revealed, the script for "Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam" is currently being rolled and readied, with plans to light it up in a mere seven months.

" 'Harold & Kumar 2' is coming up," the 34-year-old South Korean actor beamed. "We're shooting for January right now to go and shoot this puppy."

Although originally viewed as a box-office dud, substantial DVD sales and a huge cult audience eventually convinced the studio to bring Harold and Kumar back for another hit. Giving a shout-out to the fans who made it happen, Cho happily dismissed straight-to-video rumors and confirmed that the flick will get a full theatrical release: "Absosmurfly," he laughed. "It's going to be excellent."

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Cho said the script is as much about Harold and Kumar getting to Amsterdam as it is about them actually being there. "That's what we're trying to do in the movie," he said of their journey. "There's going to be some complications [to the trip]. What? Really? Obstacles in a movie? Yes.

"I actually think it's funnier than the first one," Cho added, revealing that the boys won't be quite so hungry this time around since it's hard to find an international White Castle. "I think we're abandoning the whole burger thing, but there are other things. It's going to be a really funny political movie. It's going to go there."

As fans know, the first flick had a lot more going on than just dumb stoner jokes. With that in mind, Cho was asked if the new script is in fact a thinly veiled indictment of the Bush administration. His answer might sound surprising: "You don't know how close you are, actually," he said.

Of the surface story, Cho said, "Harold and Kumar are going to go through a friendship crisis — it's going to be deep. And Kumar may find love."

Quickly, he added, "But not with Harold. Don't look at me like that."

In addition, Kumar's other true love will also make a return appearance. "There's a chance that you might see some romantic comedy with the bag of weed," Cho said, referring to the enormous baggie from the original flick's love montage.

The actor also revealed that Neil Patrick Harris, now a TV star once again with "How I Met Your Mother," has been written into the sequel. "I certainly hope he says yes, because it is waiting for him," he said.

"Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam" is expected in theaters in late 2007.

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