Young Jeezy Graduates To Thug Motivation 102 — New Album Due In October

Before his album drops in October, he will perform for 3,000 youth volunteers in Atlanta.

NEW YORK — Even though summertime is coming, Young Jeezy is still thinking about the cold winds blowing.

The Snowman wants to make it extra frosty toward the end of this year. He's in the studio working on his second album, the follow-up to his 2005 breakthrough debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101.

"October, that's all I can say," Jeezy said Wednesday night about the LP. "I'mma keep it real low-key. The name of the album is The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102."

Jeezy, Nick Cannon and Keyshia Cole were in New York on Wednesday promoting the Boost Mobile RockCorps concert June 16 at Atlanta's Fox Theatre. Jeezy and Paul Wall are headlining. Boost Mobile enlisted 3,000 youth volunteers to perform community service, and as a reward, they get a ticket to the show. Last year's volunteers were rewarded with a concert at Radio City Music Hall, where Jeezy, Paul Wall, Fabolous, Fat Joe, the L.O.X. and more performed.

"I did it last year. My homegirl Lisa who works at the Boost office, she's very influential in the 'hood," Jeezy said. "So I get the call, and they said they doing it in Atlanta, I said, 'I gotta be a part of that.' So I'm getting everybody riled up about it, doing community service in Atlanta.

"I really think if you can get out and do something like that for a ticket, to get into a show, that's the beginning," Jeezy added. "I did community service for free. I got in trouble. But for the kids, to get a reward like that, they might start up something on their own and have other kids doing their own programs without the rewards because they'll see everybody work as a team, and we can make it happen. They need it."

Jeezy didn't give away any secrets as to what he'll be doing at the show, but he said it'll be motivational.

"You never know, man," the Snowman smiled. "It's the hometown, so you never know. Besides that, I'm excited to be a part of something that positive. Three-thousand kids, that's big. People should do more stuff for the kids."

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