Lindsay Lohan Can't Pick Just One Designer — She Wants Them All

Actress tells magazines she dreams of opening Paris boutique.

Lindsay Lohan might dream of winning an Oscar someday, but the singer/actress has another mission: turning her clotheshorse hobby into a side business.

In the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, on newsstands June 20, she revealed that her fantasy is not to start her own clothing line but to open an exclusive Paris boutique filled with designer clothing.

"I'd only do it if Karl Lagerfeld was interested [in having his clothes there]," Lohan tells the mag. "Or Tom Ford. Or Alexander McQueen. Or Jean Paul Gaultier. Or Proenza Schouler."

Certainly, starting a shop would solve the problem of having to pick which designer she loves the most, a dilemma Lohan would face if she followed her other fantasy of becoming the face for a fashion line. All spring, the air has been ripe with rumors that she'd be modeling fall campaigns for Louis Vuitton, and then Versace, but neither has panned out.

"I very much wanted her to appear in the [fall '06] LV campaign, but it didn't work out," Marc Jacobs told Bazaar. "Hopefully it will next time."

Luckily for Lohan, she has a lot of friends in the fashion world, from models like Kate Moss to designers such as Jacobs, Lagerfeld (who shot her for Interview magazine recently), Stella McCartney (whom she calls "my surrogate sister"), and Donatella Versace (whom she met through their mutual hairdresser), so all she has to do is convince one of them to give her a campaign. But who to choose?

Maybe they'll choose for her if she just lets each of them know she's their biggest fan — as she did during her conversation with Interview. During the chat, when someone was on the phone with Miuccia Prada, Lohan jumped on the line to gush, "Do you know, my first bag — like, the cool bag to have when I was in high school — was the black Prada backpack?"

While the actress can rattle off all the new collections she loves — "Yves Saint Laurent's collection is genius for fall. Balenciaga is amazing. And I love Rick Owens and Alessandro Dell'Acqua and Giambattista Valli and Roland Mouret. I could go on and on," she enthused to Bazaar — Lohan's dream gig would be to rep Lagerfeld's Chanel. She's even begged to work as a shopgirl, going behind the Chanel counter to check everything out.

"They're like, 'Lindsay, you're on the wrong side — that's where the salespeople stand.' And I'm like, 'No, just let me do it, please, I'll work here for the day,' " Lohan told Interview. "I like the idea of being able to represent something that I really care about. And if young girls are going to look up to me and I love something like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, then they'll say, 'Ooh! Lindsay really likes Chanel.' "

But perhaps that unabashed enthusiasm is what's working against her; if Lohan's a fan of everything and everyone, then how true could her allegiance to any one brand be? After all, we're talking about a girl who wore three different dresses to the Academy Awards (Versace, then Calvin Klein, then Christian Lacroix). That's why working as a shopgirl — not for Chanel, but for her very own boutique — could be the best solution.

Or perhaps, if that proves too much of a commitment, she could make use of her fashion expertise on a consultant basis, since, as she boasts to Bazaar, "I often style myself and my friends." Then the $5,000 spending sprees could be a tax write-off, a bonus since she's already realizing the high cost of keeping up. "I could go bankrupt from buying all these clothes," she tells the mag. "But I can sell my own clothes now."

Underneath it all, Lohan recognizes that it's all just clothes, so as much as she loves the business, she doesn't recommend that everyone follow in her fashion footsteps, especially not at these prices.

Her ultimate styling rule? "I always say, whatever you're comfortable in and whatever you feel on the inside is the best," she told Bazaar. "And your first choice — go with it. You shouldn't have to change the person you are to please everybody else."