Papa Roach Singer Says New Album Is 'Like A Meat Locker'

'There's just hooks everywhere,' Jacoby Shaddix says of still-untitled LP, due this fall.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix might be the first artist ever to compare his music to a meat locker.

"It's like a meat locker 'cause there's just hooks everywhere," the frontman formerly known as Coby Dick said of the band's fourth major-label release, due in September or October. "I'm not lying."

P-Roach have yet to title the upcoming album, but the band is clearly thrilled with the results of the recording sessions.

"It's the best album we've recorded to date," Shaddix said of the material, which they recorded with Getting Away With Murder producer Howard Benson while living together in a Hollywood mansion for two months (see "Papa Roach Singer Gets Throat Slashed In Lou Diamond Phillips Movie").

"That was really the big difference between any of the other records that we've made, which is that we jammed together for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and really just dug deep within ourselves and tried to push things forward artistically," Shaddix said. "We felt like we could do anything because nobody was listening at that point.

"We found sides of our band that are so different than anything we've done previously but that are so powerful," he added. "Definitely true to Papa Roach form, we always evolve. That's what keeps this band alive."

During the recording process, a normal day for the band involved waking up at 8:30 p.m. and writing and laying down tracks through mid-afternoon the next day.

"It really brought us outside of how we normally function," drummer Dave Buckner said. "Normally we'll head to a practice spot and then at the end of every day go home to our families. This basically forced us to live with each other with music flowing constantly. We lived, breathed, ate and slept music for 24 hours a day."

Papa Roach haven't picked their first single but have narrowed it down to "Crash," "What Do You Do" or "Forever."

" 'Forever' is one of the songs that really [found us] stepping out of the box. It's really stripped down, but then it's got this mega, super sing-along anthem in it," Shaddix said. "Usually it's obvious which song's the first single, but there's just so much good stuff for us to choose from. I'm excited. I think our fans are going to love this record."