Aniston And Vaughn's 'Break-Up' Wins Exes Vs. X-Men Battle

Romantic comedy beat action blockbuster at the box office by nearly $4 million.

Star power may have proved more influential than superpower, or perhaps exes were just more appealing than X-Men this weekend. Whatever their motivation, moviegoers put the Jennifer Aniston-led "The Break-Up" in the top spot at the box office, taking #1 from last week's big winner, "X-Men: The Last Stand."

The romantic comedy debuted at #1 with more than $38 million, according to early estimates, ousting the comic-book-inspired action flick from its seat. "The Break-Up" stars Aniston and Vince Vaughn as a couple that decides it's time to end their relationship but can't see eye to eye on who should move out of their shared apartment (see "Aniston And Vaughn Fight For Laughs In The So-Familiar-It-Hurts 'Break-Up' ").

With "The Break-Up" taking over #1, last week's top earner — and box-office record-breaker — "X-Men: The Last Stand" dropped to #2 with ticket sales plummeting from the $120 million it earned over its opening three-day weekend to more than $34.3 million. In the third installment in the Marvel series, the X-Men are threatened by a cure for the mutant strain that sets them apart from the rest of mankind (see "Nine Things You Need to Know Before Seeing 'X-Men' This Weekend").

"Over the Hedge" held the #3 spot for the second week in a row, earning more than $20.6 million during its third weekend in theaters. The animated movie features the voices of Avril Lavigne, Bruce Willis and Steve Carell as a group of woodland creatures whose runaway imaginations lead them to wonder what's on the other side of a hedge that has been put up in the middle of the land they call home (see "Look Out For Avril, Bruce Willis Digging In Your Trash").

Dropping two notches this week is "The Da Vinci Code," which falls from #2 to #4 with $19.3 million. Tom Hanks stars in the film — based on the Dan Brown bestseller of the same name — as Robert Langdon, a symbologist called to the Louvre to investigate the mysterious death of a museum curator (see "Ian McKellen Sticks Up For Evil In 'Da Vinci Code,' 'X-Men' ").

Another blockbuster continues its slide down the top 10 as "Mission: Impossible III" slips from #4 to #5, earning more than $4.6 million its fifth weekend in theaters. The Tom Cruise-led action film centers on super spy Ethan Hunt, who faces off against stiff bad-guy competition in the form of arms dealer Owen Davies, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman (see " 'Mission: Impossible III': Hunt Is On").

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"Poseidon" also continued to sink a little further this week, dropping from #5 to #6. The film about a group of passengers who fight to save themselves from a quickly sinking cruise ship earned more than $3.4 million (see " 'Poseidon' Actors — Bruised, Battered And Soaked — Say They Barely Survived").

Rounding out the box-office top 10 are "RV," which falls from #6 to #7 with

$3.3 million; "See No Evil," which drops from #7 to #8 with $2 million; "An Inconvenient Truth," which debuts at #9 with more than $1.3 million; and "Just My Luck," which slips from #8 to #10 with $825,000.

Overall, ticket sales were down from the corresponding weekend last year.

Next week, look for "Cars," "A Prairie Home Companion," and "The Omen" to debut on the box-office top 10.

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