Fabolous Attacks 'Internet Thugs' Fronting As Him On MySpace

'There was already 19 Fabolouses on there,' Brooklyn MC says.

Seeing as how it's called MySpace, you'd figure people would have no problem finding a little niche of their own on the networking site. But not Fabolous.

"When I first got hooked up [on MySpace.com], there were already 19 Fabolouses on there," the Brooklyn MC said. "I had to make a code name, they had my name so many ways. Not even a fan page — n---as was saying they were Fabolous. So we hooked up with the people who run [MySpace.com] and shut all them n---as down."

Fab said he got control of MySpace.com/Fabolous and all the friends that were originally registered to it. Fabolous responded to the impostors with a dis freestyle posted on his page.

"Might give you the chokehold, like Kobe got from Raja Bell," he raps. "You shooting e-mails, you a Internet thug/ You a MySpace addict, caught on Internet drugs."

"Yeah, a bunch of mini-me's," he laughed. "I guess they were doing it for the chicks or whatever you can get out of it. They was probably getting all types of free sh--. But I had to shut that sh-- down. You never know what n---as is doing with your name."

When he's not online, Fab said he'll be recording his next album, which he hopes will drop sometime in October.

"I'm going to do a lock-in period," he said of the recording process. "Sometimes you get a track and just work on that track then get another track and work on that track. What I did was get a bunch of tracks and we gonna go down to Miami and just see how many records come out of it. Usually that other way is a little slower for me. It takes a longer period of time. So I will try a different approach. Hopefully it'll work for me. I been chillin' for so long, holdin' some stuff in."

Besides Miami, Fabolous said he might make some music in Las Vegas for a change of pace. Fab begins his full-throttle recording process Wednesday, but he already has one keeper from a previous session: A Jazze Pha-produced track.