Green Day End Their Vacation To Work On Mysterious 'Cool Projects'

'It is a very creative time for us,' says post on band's Web site.

After spending nearly 16 months on the road in support of American Idiot, the guys in Green Day decided to take a much-deserved break in early 2006. But now it looks like that time off is coming to an end.

Earlier this week, the band posted a message on its Web site, claiming that the vacation was over and that Green Day were getting back to work on ... well, we're not really sure what.

"It's been a while since we filled you all in to what's going on in Green Day world. We finished touring at the beginning of the year and have all taken some much needed vacation," the post read. "We have started to get together and work on a bunch of cool projects. It is a very creative time for us and we look forward to working on them for the next year or so."

While it's not exactly clear what those "cool projects" are, a spokesperson for the band's label, Reprise Records, told MTV News that Green Day are beginning to write new material, though it's not apparent if they're working on a follow-up to Idiot, which has sold more than 5 million copies since being released in September 2004 (see "Green Day: Anatomy Of A Punk Opera").

The band's message certainly lends credence to reports from earlier this year, in which frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was quoted as saying the group was going to take a break for a bit before starting to toss around ideas for a new album.

There's no timetable for making that new album, and there's no guarantee these new songs will end up on a record at all. But whatever ends up happening, Green Day are happy to get back to work, and they promised to keep fans abreast of any new developments.

"Everyone is doing great and we are enjoying the time at home," the post continues. "We will be sure to keep you all updated as to what is going on."

Check out "Green Day: American Geniuses" for more on the band's future plans.