'American Idol Recap': Katharine Strikes Gold, Taylor Picks The Perfect Song

McPhee has her shining moment with 'Rainbow'; Hicks finds the right fit with 'Tenderness.'

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

May 16 - Theme: Clive Davis' pick/judge's pick/contestant's pick

Surprise performance: Like the judges said, Katharine McPhee's "Over the Rainbow" was the moment we've been waiting for from her. And finally someone borrowed Bo Bice's a capella idea from a year ago, same lighting and all (although she brought the band in midway through).

Fashion hits and misses: Katharine's the only truly hot contestant left and she's using that to her advantage, especially in her black get-up on the final number.

Judging the judges: The critiques were surprisingly accurate, so let's judge their pick of songs. As expected, Simon Cowell had the best choice, with "Rainbow," but Randy Jackson was surprisingly right behind with "You Are So Beautiful" for Taylor Hicks. And Paula Abdul is just as bad at choosing songs as she is judging. Sorry, Elliott. You could've used the help, too.

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Best audience sign: "Where Is Chris?" Enough said.

Who will go: Elliott, it's been a nice ride, but this is it. Of course, I've said that the last two weeks, but the song choices just weren't there tonight.

Who needs to step it up: Clive Davis. Seriously, dude, with the exception of "Dancing in the Dark" for Taylor, those song choices were horrible.

Who is the one to beat: "Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!" We get it, Taylor. Still, what a night. Not only are you the guy we want to invite to our party, you feel the music when you sing and that's something Katharine struggles with. It could be close between those two, but Taylor's never landed in the bottom two or three and he never will — he's too lovable. And with "Try a Little Tenderness," he was the only finalist to choose a song that was actually perfect for him. And how hard can that be?


You told us:

I really want Katharine to win. She's so pretty and talented. I've also started to like Taylor. He's a great performer and a great person. Elliott reminds me of a lost puppy you want to take home with you. He's very talented, but he is just not an "American Idol" overall.

Leticia, 24

Bethesda, MD


I think you're wrong about Elliott. I think he'll make the finals and be the runner-up.

Lisa, 22

Rockledge, FL


After this performance, there's no doubt that Taylor Hicks will be the next "American Idol." He nailed it. Not to take anything away from Katharine, her rendition of "Over the Rainbow" was wonderful, but she isn't mature enough to handle rejection.


Frankford, WV


Taylor is an amazing singer, but after a while it all starts sounding the same. I love Katharine because she's always trying something new, pushing herself to do something different. She has an amazing voice, and with the right guidance she could record all types of music that would appeal to various audiences. Isn't that what we expect from a real idol?

Tatiana, 24

Princeton, NJ


Elliott will stay and Katharine will go this week. Taylor will take it all.


Welcome, NC


I never disliked a season of "American Idol" the way I do this one. The viewers are so influenced by the judges, it's as if they do not have minds of their own. "American Idol" has been promoting Taylor Hicks from the beginning. He can't even sing, not compared to Katharine or Elliott.

Diane, 36

Drexel Hill, PA

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