Pete Doherty Squirts What May Be Blood At MTV Germany Crew

Incident is latest in a string of erratic behavior by ex-Libertines singer.

Troubled British singer Pete Doherty interrupted a recent MTV Germany interview with his band Babyshambles by squirting a syringe full of what appeared to be his own blood at the camera.

"That was a wicked shot," Doherty said afterward, smiling as his bandmembers looked on in shock.

"I'm really sorry about this," guitarist Drew McConnell replied, apologizing to the crew as he left the room. "That's f---ing f---ed up."

The MTV News crew sat down with McConnell and drummer Adam Ficek after a concert in Berlin on Thursday, but Doherty initially refused to participate.

Shortly after the interview began, however, he strolled into the room, sat down next to McConnell and took aim at the camera with his syringe, splattering the blood on the crew.(See video of the incident on MTV Overdrive.)

Doherty left shortly after and then returned with Ficek and sat back down, pretending to be an MTV News reporter. He picked up a guitar and ad-libbed a song. "Oh Drew, what's the matter with you," he sang, then went on to mumble something about blood.

The incident is the latest in a long string of shocking behavior by Doherty, the former Libertines frontman and Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend.

In December and again in January, Doherty was arrested for possession of small quantities of heroin, crack cocaine and marijuana, and in February, he was sentenced to a year of community service and ordered to rehab. Last month, Doherty was arrested on suspicion of drug offenses in London after pictures surfaced allegedly showing him injecting a drug into the arm of an apparently unconscious female fan. And last week he failed to appear for a court hearing in London for a review of his detox program.

Doherty's Bloody Stunt

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty shoots what appears to be blood at an MTV News camera.

Doherty has long battled a drug addiction that has caused multiple setbacks to both Libertines and Babyshambles.

In the interview before Doherty appeared, McConnell expressed the band's frustration with the singer's erratic behavior, particularly his tendency to show up late for or miss shows.

"I don't like leaving people waiting 10 minutes, let alone three f---ing hours," McConnell said. "It's rude and out of order, and it's not something that sits comfortably with us, and we apologize from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who's ever had to wait for a show."

So why do they continue on?

"The reason why we put up with this as a pair of musicians who are working with Peter is we believe in the music very much, and I suppose that could translate to the fans," he said. "Obviously the music means a lot to them too. And when you've got a friend who you love very much, you put up with a lot because there's something inside you stopping you from abandoning him."