George Lucas Says Indiana's Next Crack Of The Whip Will Be Tamer

Writer/producer says he's finished writing script to sequel.

NEW YORK — George Lucas is looking for a lot more than just fortune and glory these days.

Contrary to how Hollywood usually hypes its blockbusters, the writer/producer says Indiana Jones' next adventure actually won't be any louder, bigger or faster than his last one. In fact, if Lucas gets his way (hint: he usually does), the Jones sequel will prize dialogue over decibels.

"I think Tom Cruise proved that people are getting bored with that kind of stuff," Lucas said Monday at a Jazz at Lincoln Center dinner celebrating Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people (see "Diddy, Daddy Yankee, Angelina Jolie Rub Elbows With Bush On Time List"). "What they want to see is something different. And 'Indiana Jones,' if nothing else, is always different."

And Lucas is, if nothing else, reliably vague. He's not yet ready to give up the treasure trove of what lurks in the plot for the first "Indiana Jones" movie since 1989's "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," except to say the script is finally done and the flick will "probably" start shooting next year.

"We're working on it, we're working on it," Lucas said. "We've been working on it for 10 years. I think it'll be a great film, but it's completely different. It's still got a lot of action, and it's still very funny. I think it works like crazy."

Lucas added that he's still working on his "Star Wars" 3-D theatrical project as well, but when asked when it might come out, he laughed. "I don't know!" he said. "Eventually. We're working on that technology, seeing if we can get that to work out."

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Until then, he says he's curious to see what the reception will be for the upcoming limited-edition DVD release of the three original "Star Wars" films (see "Three Original 'Star Wars' Films (Finally) Coming To DVD — But Not For Long"). "It's just the original versions, as they were," Lucas said. "We didn't do anything to it at all. But we're not sure how many people want that."

You might say quite a few, considering how many fans were angered by the digitized, expanded updates of episodes IV, V and VI. Lucas claims he's not re-releasing the originals to appease fans, but rather to bate them. "Now we'll find out whether they really wanted the original or whether they wanted the improved versions," he said. "It'll all come out in the end."

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