Outkast Channel Cab Calloway On Long-Awaited 'Idlewild' Single

Duo flip a piece of 'Minnie the Moocher' for 'Mighty O.'

The late Cab Calloway must be walking around heaven with a little extra swagger and a smile on his face. Outkast have flipped a piece of his "Minnie the Moocher" for their new single, "Mighty O," the first official offering from the "Idlewild" soundtrack. The song hit the Web on Wednesday (May 10).

Calloway famously yelled, "Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-hi! Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho!" in his classic.

Andre 3000 sings "Mighty-I-de-I-de-I/ O-de-o-de-o-de-o" on the record's hook. Fans of vintage Kast will be pleased to know that that's the only singing he does on the track. As promised, Andre is back to rapping and addressing doubters.

"You ain't a hater? Can't tell," he rhymes. "Either wish me well, go to hell or go to Yale/ Study human behavior/ So you know who the hell you dealing with."

Big Boi is no less belligerent on his verse, which comes second in the song, declaring, "Slam your back to the curb, bruh, like sanitation workers/ 'Cause you're trash.

"That n---a the B.I.G. go hard every time," he continues. "Dungeon Family and biological intact/ Talk bad about the fam, catch diabolical attacks."

The beat sounds as if it were created with live instrumentation. It has the skittish bounce of the ragtime era, which is appropriate as the long-awaited "Idlewild" film is set during that time (see "Outkast's Manager Swears Idlewild Is Almost Done; Group Plans Rosa Parks Tribute"). According to Outkast's reps, Dre and Big Boi will be filming a video for "Mighty O" soon. The soundtrack is due August 22, and the movie is slated to hit theaters August 25.