Adam Sandler Becomes A Big Daddy, Plans To Marry Kevin James

In upcoming movie, Sandler and James play firemen who wed for insurance reasons.

LOS ANGELES — Hopefully he gives this child a proper nightlight.

Adam Sandler, who played an untraditional parent in "Big Daddy" — and found an alternate use for a neon beer sign — became a daddy over the weekend when his wife, Jackie Titone, gave birth to the couple's first child.

Sandler announced the arrival on his Web site, noting "Kid is healthy!! Wife is healthy!!" (and "He's still a moron"), but has yet to confirm the sex or name. (People reported it's a girl.)

On Friday, while shooting a promotional spot for the MTV Movie Awards (see "Christina Aguilera, AFI To Perform At MTV Movie Awards"), Sandler joked to MTV News about how playing a parent in his upcoming comedy "Click" failed to prepare him for the real thing.

"It's a lot easier [in the movie], man, 'cause these kids were so awesome, but if one of them was in a bad mood, I'd go, 'Go hang out with your real mother!' " Sandler said. "But with my own kid, I don't think I'm gonna have that luxury. I'm sure I'll try it, but I'll be stuck with this kid."

Sandler also revealed exclusively that he and Kevin James are scheduled to shoot "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" in September. The two were said to be readying the project in February, before "Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin left over creative differences. (No word yet on who will direct.)

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"Me and Kevin James are playing firemen, and we get married, me and him," Sandler said of the movie, which Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, the team behind "Sideways," wrote. "We're best friends, but for insurance reasons, we become a gay couple. We'll see what happens. Hopefully I'm on top."

Along with preparing for fatherhood, Sandler's also been shooting a "pretty heavy" drama written and directed by Mike Binder of "The Upside of Anger" fame. Don Cheadle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler and Saffron Burrows co-star in the movie, which has been called "Empty City," although Sandler said he's not sure what it will be called in the end.

"It deals with my character, who is affected in a very terrible way from the 9/11 incidents, and it's about a guy and a friend trying to get to the next step after dealing with so much pain," Sandler explained. "It was intense. It's definitely different from the stuff I've been doing. It was heavy-duty and I got rocked shooting it."

Sandler said he planned to see "United 93," the first major 9/11-related movie to hit the big screen, this week (see " 'United 93' Director Goes For Realism, Vows Not To Mythologize").

"I watch a lot of stuff about it," he said. "I've seen a lot of different documentaries and some stuff that hasn't come out yet. That stuff rocks you any time you see a frame of it, it just changes your mood. This movie we did, it's very respectful, good movie, and I hope it turns out as good as I think it's gonna turn out."

That movie is due in 2007. In the meantime, the more Sandler-esque "Click" opens June 23.

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