For His Next Album, Jamie Foxx Wants To Get In Your Bedroom

Singer/actor plans Unpredictable re-release with LL Cool J.

Jamie Foxx said when he's traveling to promote his Unpredictable LP — as he was recently in the U.K., Paris and Germany — round bottoms keep him down to earth.

"I bring pictures of girls with real big booties with me because ... it keeps me grounded when I see a real big ass," he laughed while stopping in England to talk to MTV Europe.

On the serious tip, the singer/actor said he really missed his family.

"What I miss the most when I'm away from home is my daughter, my dogs — I just got two new pit bulls, man," he said. "I miss them badly, and that's about it."

The last time Foxx was in Europe was to promote his movie "Any Given Sunday." He said going abroad always gets his creative juices flowing.

"When you travel and you see different people, it makes you want to come up with other things, and that's what it was about," he said. "That's what Ray Charles was talking about, that's what Quincy Jones was talking about: going outside your borders. Going over to Europe and just traveling and just meeting new people and getting fragments and pieces of personalities and putting them together in music."

The first two singles from his album are the sexy "Unpredictable" and "DJ Play a Love Song." But Foxx said when the time comes for him to hit the bedroom, he doesn't listen to his tracks. Well, the ones people know, anyway.

"I actually don't get it on to the music on my record," he said. "But some of the songs that I don't release, I actually do it to those songs. It's a little too much on the nose when you are playing your own record, but I have got some songs that didn't make the album that are, like, real great bedroom songs, and I'm going to re-release [Unpredictable with] those.

"But what I believe is this — is that music is two different things," he continued. "It either gets you in the dance club or it gets you in the bedroom. Everything else is either 'save the trees' or 'peace and good life' and all that. I want to give people a bedroom record because it's been a long time since they had a bedroom record where you can say, 'Let's slow the music down and see what's going on in there.' "

News on the Unpredictable re-release is scarce, but Foxx did say to look for one of the greatest MCs of all time on the set (see "The Greatest MCs Of All Time").

"We got some re-releases that myself and LL Cool J — we're just going to knock the top of your head off," he boasted. "[We have] a few things that we have up our sleeve, so it's going to be something to look forward to this year."

Foxx's plate also includes the release of the films "Miami Vice" and "Dreamgirls," as well as a tour in support of Unpredictable. Down the line, the Oscar winner said, he wants to return to his comedy roots and take that show on the road as well.

"I'll keep doing the music, I will go out with a music tour, but there is going to be a point — like maybe a year and a half, two years — when myself and Chris Rock — we've already talked about this — we're going to go out and talk about our past five or 10 years of our lives," he said. "My tentative title is 'Where Do I Start?'

"You never lose that thirst of doing comedy," he continued. "I think once you lose that, you start to kind of, like, fade away or get behind your big gates or your big house. So we got that on the back burner. As soon as we get [these albums and movies] out of the way, then we crack open those jokes."

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