Kid Rock Calls 'CSI: NY' Role As Cocky Rocker A Big Stretch

Playing himself, he's accused of murdering his limo driver.

Kid Rock's been accused of a lot — attacking photographers, slugging DJs and making sex tapes. But on Wednesday's episode of "CSI: NY," the rocker can add a new charge to the list: murder.

"Apparently they gave me this big stretch of a role," Rock said. "I play an arrogant rock star."

Or, more accurately, he plays himself. In an episode called "All Access," airing Wednesday night on CBS, Rock is a suspect because he was the last person to see his limo driver alive before the man is found dead in an alley just before Rock's encore performance.

"He's blasting away, rocking out," said Gary Sinise, who plays Detective Mac Taylor. "Something happens backstage just outside the theater, and of course we find a dead body out there, so we've got to start investigating."

Taylor tries to interview Rock, who turns out to be less than cooperative. "It's something I really had to study up for and practice hard at," Rock joked.

While this version of "CSI" takes place in New York, Rock filmed his scenes a month ago in Los Angeles to fit the shoot into his tour schedule. "Every once in a while, it's fun to sneak something different into your schedule, and I get to shoot somebody," he said. "I thought that would be a neat experience."

This is Rock's second acting stint for the small screen. He previously played a small but pivotal role as a deliveryman on the season premiere of ex-fiancee Pam Anderson's sitcom "Stacked" in November.