Kanye Says He Won't Do 'Fast-Food' Music — 'M:i:III' Track Took 50 Hours

Multitasker also making time for Common, hopes to work with Michael Jackson.

Kanye West has money, an expensive wardrobe, more talent than the law should allow, a cute girlfriend and some Grammys. He just needs one more thing: time.

'Ye said he definitely has something up his sleeve for a Michael Jackson collaboration if he can sync up schedules with M.J. And last year, he didn't make it onto his friend Twista's album because of time conflicts.

"I didn't have enough time to make it the way I make it," West said from Hawaii about his latest accomplishment, "Impossible." The track features West, Twista and the newest signee to Kanye's Good Music imprint, Keyshia Cole.

"If you notice, I don't do as many beats for people because I don't have enough time to make it how I make it," he said. "My beats is a whole new art form now. It's not just a 15-minute joint. It's not that fast-food sh--. You can tell 'Impossible' took hours."

Fifty hours, to be exact. While "Impossible" was left on the cutting-room floor for Twista's album, West found it to be the perfect offering to be used in "Mission: Impossible III" when Tom Cruise called and asked for a contribution. West also produced a reworking of the famous "Mission: Impossible" theme.

"It's hard," he said of the theme. "Like some DMX-sounding sh--. I chopped up the 'bomp, bomp, bomp-bomp,' but I couldn't think of no verse for it, so it's just an instrumental."

West has found time to work on Finding Forever, Common's next LP (see "Common Wants Kanye For His Own Forever (No Diamonds Required)"), which West already has predicted will win the Grammy for Rap Album of the Year in 2007.

"You will be happy with Finding Forever," he said. "We're halfway done. We're going to be dropping in September, and the first single is going to be called 'The Glory.' I'm just excited. I want to scream it from the top of the mountaintop."

Finding Forever will be the second album West has produced for Common, after last year's Be.

"We're back at home in the studio, talking sh-- about any and everything and doing music as a sidebar," he said. "We'd get in the studio and just talk sh--, and I'd be like, 'Oh, by the way, listen to this beat,' and we'd work on it. It was a real easy environment, and I might have a couple of beats off [my next album] Graduation [coming from the sessions]."

John Legend's second disc and Fonzworth Bentley's first will be released from West's Good Music imprint sometime this year, he added.

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