Teddy Geiger Swings From 'Monkey' To Letterman To Levi's Ad

Underage 'TRL' favorite on a roll at the ripe old age of 17.

Teddy Geiger titled his debut album Underage Thinking, so he's obviously comfortable with poking fun at his age. Still, the 17-year-old never dreamed one of his favorite funnymen would do the same.

"He made a joke about me, and I was like, 'David Letterman just made a joke about me. That's so awesome,' " Geiger said of his recent visit to "The Late Show." "He kept making fun of my age the entire time, and so when he introduced me to play, he was like, 'Ladies and gentlemen, Teddy Geiger, and he's going to be performing "The Wheels on the Bus." ' "

Geiger was actually on the show to perform "For You I Will (Confidence)," his breakthrough "TRL" hit. And between the song and Geiger's role as a budding singer/songwriter on "Love Monkey," he's become quite the buzz act this spring.

The show, which stars Tom Cavanagh of "Ed," only lasted a few weeks on CBS (despite positive reviews), but VH1 recently announced it will air the rest of the season.

"I had a great experience on the whole thing," Geiger said. "And I still go to shows and people will be like, 'Hey, I first heard you on "Love Monkey." ' That's definitely when you know it was worth it, because there are people coming out to shows and people listening to the album who wouldn't have if I hadn't done the show."

In fact, the song Geiger is releasing as his second single, "These Walls," was one he debuted on the show.

"It's the one other song on the album that's kind of the same idea as 'For You I Will,' " he said. "It's very much about getting yourself together and trying to go out there and do something that you really don't think you can."

Geiger's currently looking at treatments but has yet to decide on a video concept. He's already vetoed one, though — his own.

"In the lyrics it says, 'Everybody tries to put some love on the line,' so I came up with the idea of a contest where people are trying to balance hearts on wires," he said. "It's ridiculous. That's just my brain. Sorry."

Geiger is wrapping up a Midwestern trek with Dirtie Blonde and hopes to hit the radio-festival circuit this summer. He's already written 30 songs since finishing Underage Thinking and will keep writing on the road.

"I try not to write two songs about the same thing, although on occasion it happens, so I guess it kinda helps to change stuff up. It puts me in a different spot to work on something that sounds different and feels different and is different."

Geiger is reading scripts, as well, and plans to get back into acting sometime. "I definitely have always been interested in film and working in that, and I never actually thought that I'd be able to do it," he said.

He's also signed up to model the new Levi's RedWire Jean. "It actually has a little pocket made for iPods," he said. "It's a pretty cool little device."

On top of all that, Geiger is finishing his senior year of high school.

"I would have gone to college for something music-business-related or production-related, but I'm kinda getting a little bit of an education right now in that," he said. "I feel like if there's something I'm really interested in, I might go and try to pursue that, but nothing has really struck me as something that I'd really want to spend that much time learning about right now."

If Geiger does go back, there are a few schools near his home of Rochester, New York, that would love to have him. In fact, the city just gave the singer his own day.

"My guitarist said it was the best Teddy Geiger Day ever, and I agree," he joked.