Eminem Denies Retirement Rumors; Currently Hard At Work On Obie Trice LP

'People get it twisted when I said I'm taking a break,' he says.

The once-omnipresent Eminem has been lying low for the past several months (matrimonial drama aside), but he maintains that talk of his retirement has been grossly exaggerated.

Em recently taped an interview with Obie Trice for Shade 45, his Sirius Satellite radio station, and refuted the rumors.

"People get it twisted when I said I'm taking a break," Em told host Lil Shawn. "I never said I'm going to stop doing music. What I meant was that I'm taking a break from being the frontman and the center of attention. I want to fall back for a minute, but I never stop recording. I keep busy."

Em — who this week filed for divorce from wife Kim less than three months after remarrying her (see "Eminem Files For Divorce From Kim — Again") — has been holed up in the studio producing tracks for Obie Trice's upcoming LP, Second Round's on Me.

"It's not about something to prove," he answered when asked about Obie's objective with this album. "This time it's about hitting an audience we didn't connect with before. We want to target and market this album more to the streets."

Obie's first single is a record called "Snitch," where he and guest star Akon talk about how someone violated one the biggest codes of the streets: no snitching.

"I know the people are going to appreciate the song," Trice said. "It's a hard-ass, real-music type of song. The lyrics and hook feel good."

Obie also addressed the shooting that occurred on New Year's Eve (see "Obie Trice Recovering From New Year's Eve Shooting"), in which he was shot in the head by an unknown gunman while driving on a highway in Detroit. The MC still has a bullet lodged in his head.

"It's still in there right now," he said. "My skull hasn't completely healed yet, but I'm doing good. It hasn't really affected my day-to-day, and the doctors will be able to remove [the bullet] soon."

Em visited Obie the day after the shooting and was completely shocked about how well his friend was doing.

"I'm expecting to see him laid the f--- up and he's upstairs doing push-ups!" Em described. "I'm like, 'What are you doing?' 'Bullet in the head, still alive, already home!' "

Besides Obie's new LP, Slim Shady also said he was excited about some of his new signees, Bobby Creek from Atlanta and Ca$his from Orange County, California.

"I feel like we got an all-star team now."

Obie Trice's new LP is slated for a May 30 release. You can catch the full Eminem and Obie interview Friday on Sirius satellite radio, channel Shade 45 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. ET. Em is slated to call in again on Cipha Sounds and Angela Yee's show on Shade 45 on April 13 at 11 a.m. ET.