'Idol' Underdog Kevin Covais Watching Out For Gold Diggers

After sky falls on contest run, 'Chicken Little' wants girl who doesn't care he was on TV.

Once cowboy Garet Johnson got the boot, Kevin Covais became the new token cute kid of "American Idol," and he rode his lovable personality and soft tenor voice all the way to the top 11. Simon Cowell was never too kind to the 16-year-old from Levittown, New York, but finally came around after Tuesday's rendition of Nat King Cole's "When I Fall in Love." After that, "Chicken Little" (Covais' nickname) looked safe for a few more weeks, but the votes told a different story (see "Kevin Covais Cut From 'American Idol' ").

MTV: Do you agree this was your best week, and does that make being eliminated more or less frustrating?

Kevin Covais: I would say this was by far my best week. I was never into the song as much as I was this week. The song was perfect for me, and everything seemed right. So the fact that I was eliminated is a little bittersweet, but it's nice to go out on top, knowing you did your best, so no harsh feelings at all.

[After the taping], we had a dinner to celebrate, you know, me leaving. The other contestants were there, and it was really cool. We exchanged numbers, and everybody said sweet stuff. There were many tears and some from me 'cause I'm going to miss these people.

MTV: What do you think standing up to Simon last week did for your votes?

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Covais: I think I won respect. As far as the votes, maybe people voted for me for it, maybe people thought I was arrogant and didn't vote for me. I wasn't expecting to say what I said, but when I said it, I was happy I did. I had taken four weeks of negative comments from him and I flipped the script on him, and I think he actually respected me for it. He was testing me, and I apparently passed the test. So there's a mutual respect now between me and Simon.

MTV: "Chicken Little" came out on DVD this week, and it was advertised all over the "Idol" Web site. Think you had anything to do with that?

Covais: I'm sure I had something to do with it. Maybe I'll get a little piece of the profits. I love [the nickname]. I'm a fun-loving guy, and I enjoy that type of stuff. I'm sarcastic and witty, and I have a sense of humor. And I know it's nothing against me because one of my best friends, ["Idol" contestant] Paris Bennett, made it up.

MTV: Did you read any of the stuff written about you during the show?

Covais: I avoid that stuff. Most of the people who have good stuff to say don't take the time out to write it on the Internet. I read a few things in the beginning and I saw negative stuff, and I said, "This isn't for me. I need to stay focused." Most of it, as Simon would say, is rubbish.

MTV: Next week is songs from the 21st century. Had you made it, would you have pulled out a little Kanye West?

Covais: You never know what tricks I had up my sleeve. Maybe. I'm a huge Kanye fan.

MTV: So it seems the show turned you into quite the ladies' man.

Covais: I can honestly tell you that before ["Idol"], I was pretty confident with girls. The only difference was I didn't have celebrity status. I'm more confident now, of course. I'm sure certain girls will just want a celebrity who's been on TV, but I'll watch out for those girls.

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