Scott Stapp Files His Own Sex-Tape Suit

Kid Rock has already asked a judge to block distribution of the explicit video.

Finally, something Kid Rock and Scott Stapp can agree on that doesn't involve — well, you know.

A month after Rock took similar action, Stapp filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles in an effort to stop World Wide Red Light District from selling and promoting a sex video featuring himself, Rock and four women, according to The Associated Press.

Stapp's filing alleges that two tapes, described as a "video diary" of his 1999 tour, were stolen from a safe at his house, according to the AP. The claim states that Red Light District — the company that released the Paris Hilton sex tape "One Night in Paris" — violated Stapp's trademark and privacy rights, causing him embarrassment, pain, suffering and emotional distress. The suit seeks a restraining order barring the company from distributing the video.

Rock took legal action last month in Detroit (see "Kid Rock Sues To Block Scott Stapp Sex Tape"), and was granted a temporary order halting Red Light from posting previews of the tape or selling it. That order will remain in effect until March 23, at which point Rock's lawyers will seek a permanent injunction.

Some fans, unfortunately, have already gotten a peek at the footage courtesy of a 40-second clip that was shown on Red Light's now shuttered and Web sites.

Red Light claims the tape came from an unnamed third party, and the company's attorney has denied it was stolen.

Rock's lawsuit claimed that the singer was told the tape would remain Stapp's private property and would not be publicly displayed. While Stapp has said the release of the footage was part of an elaborate plot to ruin his solo career, Rock has laughed off those suggestions and playfully scolded the "idiot" singer for not keeping an eye on his video library (see "Kid Rock Laughs Off Scott Stapp's Sex-Tape Conspiracy Claim").

The potential release of the tape has also resulted in a suit against Stapp by one of the women in the video, who filed suit on March 2 seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress and invasion of privacy (see "Woman In Kid Rock/ Scott Stapp Sex Tape Files Lawsuit").