'American Idol' Recap: Taylor's 'Drunk Dad' Act Flies, Kellie Needs To Bring It

Katharine, Taylor and Chris emerge as frontrunners on Stevie Wonder night.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol," and MTVNews.com is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

March 14 - Theme: Stevie Wonder songs

Surprise performance: It's gotta be Bucky. He wasn't the best, but who would've thought he could pull off Stevie? And suddenly Paris is back.

Fashion hits and misses: Mandisa looked beautiful and definitely her best in a black lace gown, although losing the shoes was a bad idea. Taylor's simple sport-coat look also worked perfectly. The big miss was Bucky's "Jessica Simpson" hair, as Simon called it. Actually, it looked almost identical to Kellie's.

Judging the judges: Line of the night: "You're like every dad who ever got drunk at a wedding and got onstage, only you can sing." Thank you, Simon. We're looking forward to 11 more weeks of the same. It's a little too easy to keep calling performances the best so far (witness poor Katharine performing before Taylor and Chris), but for the most part, all three were surprisingly right-on.

Best audience sign: "Marry Me Ace, Or At Least Give Me A Birthday Hug." Gotta love the detail and the ace card design.

Who will go: Based on vocals, it should be Kevin, but he's already got a fanbase (even though he's getting a little too cocky for his own good). So it's Melissa. The judges liked her, but she's just boring, and forgetting her lyrics (for Stevie and the audience) was the nail in her coffin.

Who needs to step it up: Kellie. Her back story (Daddy conveniently spoke out from prison this week) and the cute, fish-out-of-water routine can only take her so far. Simon's been touting her, so she's got that going for her, but she needs a breakout vocal performance like Elliott needs a hairstyle.

Who is the one to beat: You heard it here first: Taylor will win "American Idol." He defines unique, his love for music is genuine and his voice is so soulful. Even those dance moves are charming. If only they let him play that harmonica. Chris is solid too, but he's not as one-of-a-kind. McPhee-ver and either Paris or Mandisa will round out the final four.

You told us:

Well I said Taylor Hicks would win "American Idol" the day he auditioned! This is a great recap of Tuesday night's show.

Katrina, 19
Berlin, NJ

I think you're wrong about Taylor. He has a great voice, but he's not superstar material. Chris will probably go all the way. Katharine is also stepping it up. Kelly, Melissa and Kevin need to go. And they can keep Ace on for something to look at.

Dede, 40
Norwell, MA

No one is mentioning Elliott, who can really sing. He might go all the way. Taylor and Mandisa could also pull it off.

Lee, 27
Dallas, TX

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