T-Pain Comforts More Strippers With R. Kelly, Gets A Holla From Britney's Peeps

'Luv' remix also features Paul Wall; singer says he's working on new Spears, Lachey LPs.

Well it looks like T-Pain isn't the only guy who's falling for a stripper. He recently completed a remix of his hit single "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)" with an all-star cast including Twista, Paul Wall, Pimp C, Too Short and, for good measure, R. Kelly.

"That was it for me," Pain said about the Pied Piper jumping on the record. "I didn't think it needed nothing else. That was the icing on the cake. I don't got no words for that except I appreciate it.

"Most of the artists did it for free," Pain added. "I'm happy about that."

Pain has the top strip-club anthem these days, and not only are guys coming up to him and giving him props, so are the ladies who make it clap for dollar bills.

"Dancers love [the song]," he professed. "There's finally a song about strippers that ain't degrading. It's not the shake-that-ass song or 'Let's go in the backroom.' It's a song that's appreciating strippers. I can't remember what strip club I was in, but a dancer came up to me. She said every night she be crying because she doesn't know why she's stripping. But when they play my song, she feels better. I don't know why, but that's what she told me."

Even with the accolades, Pain says he's pretty much "strip-clubbed out." He usually gets booked to sing at gentlemen's clubs after performing concerts at regular venues.

"You can imagine how many afterparties I go to after these shows," he said. "They put it in the contract." Forgive us, T-Pain, if no one sheds any tears for you.

With all the shows the singer's doing these days, he might have to change his name to T-Paid — especially since he has some side gigs popping off as well. The Florida native — who's going on a House of Blues tour with Jive labelmate Chris Brown — says another labelmate, Britney Spears, has had her people holla at him for some tracks for her next album.

"I think they're just calling a bunch of producers and saying, 'Do something for Britney,' " he said. "I'm going to keep her sound poppy. I'm also supposed to do something for Nick Lachey. I think they want to take him closer towards R&B, somewhere along the lines of Justin [Timberlake] but a little different."

The professed rapper-turned-singer says he's in the beginning stages of his next LP but is just about done with his first mixtape, Back at It, for which he'll once again be spitting out rhymes.

"It's going to be an all-hip-hop mixtape," he said. "I'm letting everybody know I'm doing a little rapping again."