Scott Stapp: Off The Hook On Public-Intoxication Charge

'The day will come soon enough where you no longer read of [my mistakes] in the tabloids,' Stapp says in statement.

It's about time Scott Stapp got some good news.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles city attorney's office announced it will not be filing charges against the former Creed frontman for being intoxicated in public at Los Angeles International Airport on February 11.

Stapp was arrested at LAX less than 24 hours after he was married to Jaclyn Nesheiwat in a private ceremony in Miami. The couple were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon when an intoxicated Stapp caused a commotion and was taken into custody by airport police (see "Scott Stapp Gets Married — And Arrested For Public Intoxication"). Once in custody, he requested a blood-alcohol test, registering a 0.18 — more than twice the legal limit in California. Stapp was then booked in Van Nuys, California, and released on $250 bail.

But after a brief meeting with Stapp, the city attorney decided against filing charges, meaning the singer was free to continue his club tour in support of his solo debut, The Great Divide.

"After reviewing the case, we felt it was appropriate to have all parties get together and discuss the charges," city attorney spokesperson Frank Mateljan told MTV News late Wednesday. "After we did that, we felt satisfied and no charges were filed against Mr. Stapp."

In a statement released to MTV News on Thursday (March 9), Stapp expressed his gratitude to the city attorney's office and told his fans that he's working hard at keeping his nose clean.

"As many are aware, while en route to Hawaii for my honeymoon I was delayed at LAX. No charges have been filed by the L.A. county district attorney's office, and for that I am appreciative," the statement read. "I have said it before, but we all make mistakes, and the day will come soon enough where you no longer read of mine in the tabloids."

Of course, this doesn't mean the end of Stapp's legal woes. He's currently being sued by a woman in Florida, who claims that he was to blame for the release of the now infamous Stapp/ Rock sex tape. In the suit, the unidentified woman — one of four who appear in the video — is seeking unspecified damages from Stapp after she suffered "emotional distress" stemming from the release of the tape (see "Woman In Kid Rock/ Scott Stapp Sex Tape Files Lawsuit").

For his part, Stapp maintains that the tape was stolen from him and was leaked to World Wide Red Light District Video in an effort to sabatoge his career (see "Kid Rock Laughs Off Scott Stapp's Sex-Tape Conspiracy Claim").

The opening date of the singer's tour — which took place late last month in his hometown of Orlando, Florida — garnered a generally positive review in the Orlando Sentinel, which deemed the show "relatively embarrassment-free" although it "didn't draw enough fans to warrant opening the hall's upstairs balcony." Stapp was described as "almost unbearably chatty, going on and on about how much the relatively small but highly enthusiastic hometown turnout meant to him."

The paper also quoted Stapp as telling the crowd, "I tend to learn things the hard way," and also saying, "I could run and hide right now, with everything that's going on in my life, but I'm right here with you."