Dido Parties To Find Inspiration For Next LP

Singer in Los Angeles writing, recording follow-up to 2003's Life for Rent.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Dido's debut album was called No Angel, but perhaps she should have saved that title for her third release.

In preparation for her follow-up to 2003's Life for Rent, the singer confessed recently that she's been doing a whole lot of partying.

"I have to say I spent last year just having a good time," Dido said. "I sort of traveled and partied. In a way, I just wanted something to write about."

Although touring the world several times over is enough to inspire many a songwriter, Dido isn't one of them.

"I get really stuck in a bubble on tour, and I don't want to write songs about being on it," she said. "I want to just have a life and write and feel stuff. So I'm having a life, and it's been interesting."

For added inspiration, Dido decided to have that life in Los Angeles, rather than in her native London.

"It's just nice for me because there's something about when you move to a different country and you're on your own and you feel that slight alienation," she said. "It's brilliant for writing because you feel everything and see everything."

Dido has moved into full-on writing and recording mode this year, but she said she's not far enough along to share details. She did hint that her collaborators this time will be different than her usual bunch.

"I'm being pretty experimental with who I'm working with," she said. "I'll tell you very soon. I will do some work with [my brother] Rollo [of trip-hop group Faithless], but so far I've done a lot of work with people here."

Producer Jon Brion recently told MTV News that he's been songwriting with Dido.

Life for Rent hit the Billboard albums chart at #4 (see "Dido Won't Let Success Go To Her Head Or Her Songs").