Woman In Kid Rock/ Scott Stapp Sex Tape Files Lawsuit

'Jane Doe' seeks unspecified amount for emotional distress, invasion of privacy.

One of four women featured in the Kid Rock/ Scott Stapp sex tape has filed suit against the former Creed frontman and the company attempting to distribute the video.

In the lawsuit — filed Thursday in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court — the woman (who is only identified as "Jane Doe") alleges that "on or about December 28, 1999" she engaged in sexual acts with Stapp "after a romantic interlude" and that she was "under the belief that the video was to remain in Stapp's private possession."

The suit seeks unspecified damages for emotional distress and invasion of privacy. World Wide Red Light District Video, which has been trying to market the tape, is also named in the suit.

"The video was taped in private by Stapp ... under the premise that it would remain in [his] possession and not be released to anyone," reads a copy of the suit posted on TheSmokingGun.com. "Stapp permitted private facts regarding Doe to be publicly disclosed by allowing the video to be given and/or sold to World Wide ... for public disclosure and commercial exploitation."

Stapp maintains that the tape was stolen from him and given to Red Light by someone looking to destroy his solo career, a claim dismissed by his co-star in the video, Kid Rock (see "Kid Rock Laughs Off Scott Stapp's Sex-Tape Conspiracy Claim"). A spokesperson for Stapp was aware of the Florida lawsuit but had no comment.

Last month, RLDV began streaming clips of the tape on two Web sites, but they were shut down after a judge in Detroit signed a temporary order preventing the distribution or display of the material (see "Kid Rock Sues To Block Scott Stapp Sex Tape"). On March 23 that same judge will decide whether or not to sign a permanent injunction against RLDV.