Kid Rock Laughs Off Scott Stapp's Sex-Tape Conspiracy Claim

Detroit rocker looks on the bright side, notes the 'perfect timing' of the video's release.

If you are a rock star, there are several ways to react when a tape of your sexual escapades somehow ends up in the hands of a notorious porn distributor.

You can immediately sic a team of lawyers on the distributor (à la former Poison frontman Bret Michaels, who successfully sued the Internet Entertainment Group in 1998 to block the sale of a tape featuring him and Pamela Anderson). You can turn the whole thing into a nice little profit for yourself (like Tommy Lee and Anderson did after a judge awarded them a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their sex tape in late 2002).

Or, if you're Kid Rock, you can just try to laugh the whole thing off.

On Thursday, the Detroit rocker did just that, telling The Associated Press that the release of a tape involving him, former Creed frontman Scott Stapp and four women had "perfect timing ... I got a record coming up."

Rock jokingly blamed Stapp for losing the sex tape in the first place, calling him "an idiot," and dismissed claims Stapp made earlier this week that the tape was stolen and somehow ended up in the hands of World Wide Red Light District as part of a large conspiracy aimed at destroying his solo career.

"I'm like, what are you talking about?" Rock told the AP. "This tape gets out — it's your tape — and you're [saying] someone's trying to sabotage your career?"

And though he's putting up an amicable front, Rock wasn't joking when he sued Red Light to prevent the distribution of the tape last week (see "Kid Rock Sues To Block Scott Stapp Sex Tape"). Judge John Feikens agreed with Rock, and issued a temporary order preventing RLDV from posting previews of the tape or selling it in any form. That temporary order will remain in effect until a March 23 hearing in Detroit, where Rock's team will seek a permanent injunction against RLDV.

But until then, Rock maintained that everything is all good. In fact, the only thing he's really upset about is being lumped into the same category as Michaels, Lee and Stapp.

"I don't want to be in that company with all these idiots [who have] sex tapes, which is why I've never had a video camera," he told the AP. "I agree I knew the tape was going on at the time — I must have. Although, I'll guarantee you, I wasn't sober."