Movie File: Adam Sandler, Amanda Bynes, Orlando Bloom, Mario, ‘Hollywoodland’ & More

Sandler makes boss speak Spanish, watches breasts bounce in slow-motion in 'Click.'

The off button has officially been pressed on the principal-photography phase of “Click,” a high-concept Adam Sandler comedy hitting theaters June 30. “My name is Michael Newman in the movie. I’m a husband, I have children, I have a job,” Sandler recently reported, remembering a shoot that had him making funny alongside Kate Beckinsale, Sean Astin and David Hasselhoff. “What happens is this man Morty [Christopher Walken] offers me this device that he says is one of the best universal remote controls you can get. … But I find out that it’s not just for my television — it actually works on my life. I can fast-forward an argument with my wife, I can hit mute and not hear her friend yap at me, I can blast through a cold or change my boss’ speech to Spanish. I can hear Japanese people speak and flip it on to the English switch and understand what they’re saying. Slow-mo breast-bouncing … unfortunately, though, my character finds out that the thing has a TiVo-type quality, where it starts programming itself … I start losing my life a little bit, and it gets ugly for me.” …

Fans of Amanda Bynes may remember the “She’s the Man” star at one time teasing about “Lovewrecked,” a deserted-island comedy that would eventually end up similarly stranded after running into distribution problems. This week Bynes reported that the flick had finally begun moving toward a release date — even if she isn’t quite sure when that will be. “The Weinstein Company just bought it. Because it’s an independent movie, you need a studio to sell it to a distributor,” the soon-to-be-20-year-old explained. “It’s finally getting finished up. It will hopefully be coming out soon.” …

Speaking of people who haven’t even reached 20 yet, Grammy-nominated R&B superstar Mario is seeing his career take off in multiple directions — and now he finally has a name for his movie debut: “Music High.” Combining drama, humor and dancing, the project marks the directorial debut of longtime movie choreographer Anne Fletcher (“Bring It On,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin”). “I did it off-season, in between making albums,” Mario said of the Disney movie, due in September. “The film is basically like the new ’Fame,’ maybe a little more edgy than that. Channing [Tatum] from ’Coach Carter,’ who’s in the film with me, he did a great job. … I play a guy, basically like a DJ for a school, and me and Channing come from the same place. It’s kinda shaky at first with us, because we don’t really know each other. … He comes in as a janitor, because he had to do community service hours, and ends up dancing with one of the girls at school who is kinda my love interest at the time.” Heavy D and “Six Feet Under” actress Rachel Griffiths also co-star. …

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Classically trained stage actor Adam Campbell made a successful, if unorthodox, film debut recently with the hit “Date Movie,” but he pledges that his next project will allow him to better display his considerable dramatic skills. “You Are Here” co-stars Katie Cassidy and is due in theaters later this year. “It’s about a night in a nightclub, and I play the nightclub promoter,” Campbell said of the film, which takes place in Los Angeles. “All this crazy stuff happens that night, and it has a lot to do with hallucinogenic drugs, and there’s a mafia plot involved as well. [It takes place] the next morning; it’s pieced together through flashbacks. It’s kind of a dramatic thriller, with comic elements as well. It’s pretty hard-core.” …

That loud shriek you heard recently was a million teenage girls rejoicing over their successful efforts to land a release date for “Haven,” the long-delayed Orlando Bloom drama that finally hits theaters April 21. “That’s cool,” Bloom said of fan efforts that included an online petition demanding to finally see the film that first screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2004. “I love it. That’s awesome.” Reflecting on the delay, Bloom admitted his frustration while insisting that it’s an unfortunate side effect of his chosen career. “It’s a part of life, you know. Especially part of the movie business; you just have to expect it. I’m used to making big movies that get made, sold and open straight away. But this was a real labor of love, and the director took it to Toronto, recut the movie, and it’s taken a little while to get going. But it’s in good shape.” Co-starring Bill Paxton and Zoe Saldana, “Haven” tells a “Traffic”-like tale involving an unscrupulous businessman (Paxton) and the two lovers (Bloom and Saldana) who get caught up in his web of violence. …

One of the more intriguing projects in Hollywood right now is the “other” Superman movie — a mystery thriller called “Hollywoodland” that examines the real-life suicide mystery of George Reeves, the original 1950s Man of Steel. “I just saw some of it the other day … and it looks like it’s gonna be a really good film,” reported Brad Henke, part of an impressive cast that also includes Ben Affleck, Diane Lane and Bob Hoskins. “Adrien Brody plays a detective. I play his ex-wife’s boyfriend,” Henke said. “It’s a drama about this guy who played Superman, who was a really conflicted person. What’s relevant about it is that we see our movie stars and our TV stars the cover of these magazines, and you think they have this great life and a lot of them are [actually] miserable people … [Reeves] was either killed or committed suicide.” The film is expected to be released early next year, but Henke warns fans not to expect a clear-cut answer to one of Hollywood’s oldest mysteries. “At the end of the day, it’s not as easy as an episode of ’CSI,’ where it’s fixed by the end of the episode,” he cautioned. “It’s more about the people.”

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