Cam'ron Says Attack On 'Old Man' Jay-Z Wasn't Unprovoked

At press conference he claims Hova was trying to dig up dirt on him.

NEW YORK — Cam'ron seems to like airing things out in public. When he had some words for Jay-Z, he recorded them on a dis track called "You Got It." And when people started asking questions about the song, he held a press conference to deliver his answers.

On Wednesday (January 25) he told reporters the song stemmed from Jay's "I Declare War" concert held last October, which turned into more of an "I Declare Peace" party (see "Jay-Z And Nas Put Beef To Sleep In Onstage Show Of Unity"). There had been rumors that Jay-Z was going to be coming at Cam and his Diplomats crew during the show, and a few days after the event passed without incident, Cam told MTV News he wasn't going to fire until fired upon.

"I'm not going to sit here and say nothing about Jay-Z because he didn't say nothing about us," Cam declared at the time. "If he was [going to dis us], he didn't. Say our name and we'll worry about it then" (click here for photos).

Well, Jay has never said Cam's name on a dis record, but Killa pushed the button anyway (see "Cam'ron Attacks Jay-Z With Dis Track 'You Got It' ").

"Sources I don't want to reveal, which are very, very good sources, that know both parties, was telling me [Jay] was in the streets trying to get old information on us," he told MTV News at Wednesday's press event. "Goin' reaching and looking for Catholic school pictures and footage of times me and Jim [Jones] was in fights and got jumped. When you're looking that hard, I can't ignore it and sit there and ignore everything. I did say that [I would not be going at Jay], but then street speculation kinda forced me to do it."

Many have been wondering if Dame Dash had a hand in "You Got It," since Cam starts off the song by saying he's dissing Jay because Hova mistreated Dash in Roc-A-Fella business dealings. Killa cleared that up as well.

"Dame didn't hear it until everybody else heard it," he said of the song. "He was like, 'You crazy.' He didn't have no comment one way or another. He was just like, 'You buggin'.' He wasn't mad, but he was just like, 'You buggin.' "

"I think a lot of people think I had something to do with it," Dash told MTV News. "I understand how people could think that, but Cam is his own man. And y'all heard about [the record] before I did. But regardless, those are his opinions. He has opinions on things that relate to me, and he spoke on it. It doesn't necessarily mean they are my opinions. ... I ain't into no rap beef or rap war."

A few days ago, Cam went on New York hip-hop station Hot 97 and claimed Dame had given him the scoop that Jay was digging up dirt on him. Dash disputes that and said he was a little surprised at some of the comments Jay recently made to MTV News, including calling Dash's alleged involvement in the song "shocking" (see "Jay-Z Calls Cam's Dis Track 'Trash' And A Cry For Attention").

"I saw the thing on MTV[] and was like, 'Damn, n---as think I did it,' " Dash said. "If he feels that way, he should call me. If [Jay] feels I told Cam to do that, he should call me. I would be disappointed if he believed people's theories. He knows me better than that."

Dash also said it's unfortunate to see such a public rift between Jay and Cam, "but it's hip-hop. It's sad it has to be Cam and Jay, because I have affiliation with both of them. But I have more affiliation with Cam than I do with Jay."

So what does Dash think of Cam's song?

"I think Cam is smart and Cam has been around smart people for a long time, including Jay," Dash began to assess. "He was under the umbrella of dudes that knew how to battle, so he knows how to battle. In a strange way, he saw how Jay got down and he's doing the same thing. It's not like he went at someone who's helpless, [Cam] went at the king of New York, the person that's considered untouchable. He went hard. That's like saying, 'I want the title.' [Cam] went hard, though. He did go hard."

The battle may be done sooner than everyone thinks. Jay said he's not sure if he'll respond, and on Wednesday Cam said that although he has more lyrical ammo in the can, he's not going to release it unless Jigga comes back at him.

"I'm not gonna just keep beating up on an old man," Cam told reporters. "If he retaliates, we'll be prepared. But like I said, a lot of people said, 'Cam made a dis record.' I didn't make a dis record. If I said Beyoncé is on my second record talking about slinging crack, she's on my record talking about slinging crack. ... If I say somebody looks like a camel, they look like a camel. If I say somebody was wearing sandals, they was wearing sandals. This is not a dis record."

"If Jay chooses to indulge, it would be something I would be interested in viewing as a fan," Dash said. "Like everyone else, I wanna see what he's gonna do, if anything at all."

At the press conferences, Cam also laid out the Diplomats' release schedule this year, starting with his own album, Killa Season, on April 26. "Killa Season" the movie drops April 11. There's also going to be a DVD coming out this year on which Cam will deal with predators who seek out children via the Internet.

On Tuesday Killa has to appear in court, where he'll find out if he has to spend 30 days in jail. After news broke in November that he'd been shot in Washington, D.C. (see "Cam'ron Says He's Not Sure Incident Was A Failed Carjacking After All"), he was charged with violating his probation, which doesn't allow him to leave New York state without permission. Cam claims he forgot he had a show booked in D.C., didn't want to get sued for missing it and there was not time to contact his probation officer.

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