Jack White's Raconteurs Come 'Up From The Dingy Sewers'

Band's album, Broken Boy Soldiers, due in May.

This is probably the most obvious statement of all time, but White Stripes frontman Jack White is not like the rest of us.

As if his superhuman guitarwork, penchant for wearing reds and whites and quixotic moustache weren't all constant reminders of that fact, consider the way he's been preparing for the coming of Super Bowl XL, to be held this weekend in his hometown of Detroit.

While most of us have been stocking up on chips and dip and other Super-snacks, White has launched the official Web site for the Raconteurs, his side project with fellow Detroiter Brendan Benson and good buddies Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence from the Greenhornes (see "The Greenhornes Get By With A Little Help From Their Friend Jack White").

In addition to rocking a truly retro interface (like, Apple IIe retro), the site also features two previously unheard Raconteur tracks, a fuzzy rocker called "Steady, As She Goes" and the psychedelic number "Store Bought Bones," both of which sound, as Benson told MTV News in late 2004, "weird, man" (see "Jack White's Found A New Loretta: And It's A Guy Named Brendan Benson").

According to the site (www.TheRaconteurs.com), both "Steady" and "Bones" will be released in the U.S. on March 7 as a limited-edition 7-inch single (that same single hit shelves in the U.K. on Monday), and a full-length album, titled Broken Boy Soldiers, will follow in May. While there are no dates currently listed, the site does promise that at some point the Raconteurs will be hitting the road in support of their album.

There's also a poem/band bio, which — much like everything else on the site — sort of speaks for itself (without actually saying much of anything): "Remember a time/ When all was not fine/ And up from the dingy sewers came four lousy thieves/ Who flourished like trees/ Behold the Raconteurs."

Well put. We think.