Foo Fighters Showcasing Their Softer Side On Upcoming Tour

Band plans to emphasize acoustic half of recent double album.

TOPANGA, California — After releasing three singles from the heavier side of their double album, In Your Honor, and showcasing mostly the loud tunes on the road, the Foo Fighters are finally giving their softer songs some love.

"We told everybody we're gonna do some acoustic touring, so I guess we'd better," drummer Taylor Hawkins said Friday of the band's spring schedule.

Dates and venues are still being determined, but the tour will definitely feature a different Foo Fighters than has been seen so far (see "Weezer, Foos Bring Arena-Rock Spectacle To Foozer (WeeFighters?) Tour Kickoff").

"Instead of going out there and sweating my butt off every night, I'll be playing with my brushes quietly and stuff," Hawkins said. "I think it'll be good for us, though, as musicians, to go out and explore that dynamic."

The Foos will expand their roster for the tour to include violinist Petra Haden (Beck, That Dog), pianist Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers, Everclear) and percussionist Drew Hester (Lisa Marie Presley). "We're gonna make a little rock orchestra," Hawkins said. (Haden and Jaffee appear on In Your Honor, and Hester produced Hawkins' new side project, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders.)

As for the next single, the Foos are leaning toward the gentle "Miracle," although a final decision has yet to be made, since "No Way Back" was just released and the band is contemplating whether to make a video for it.

"We might do one of those Bon-Jovi-on-the-road videos [where] you're sittin' in the private jet," Hawkins said, imitating a tired Jon Bon Jovi. "You know, before we go onstage" — he motions as if in a group huddle with hands going up together — "all slow motion. I just remember those videos back in the '80s. Bon Jovi's sittin' on his private jet, [thinking,] 'I miss my mansion.' Sorry, Bon. Got no beef with you. Like your videos. We're gonna rip 'em off."

One song from In Your Honor's softer side that is almost guaranteed not to be released is "Cold Day in the Sun," which Hawkins wrote and sings.

"I actually argued with our manager about [even including it on the album], because he didn't think it fit and it's one more song Dave could be singing," Hawkins revealed. "It could be an acoustic version of 'Everlong.' You know, they're bean counters. But in the end, it really adds something, and Dave was behind me. He's not a selfish guy. Billy Corgan would [not allow it], but Dave's not a di--."

Hawkins wrote the music for "Cold Day in the Sun" some five years ago.

"To be honest, the lyrics suck," he said. "It's more about the melody. I wrote the lyrics the morning before I went into the studio, like all my songs. And Dave always said he liked it, and I was like, 'Yeah, bull.' And being the manipulative bastard that I am, we were in the studio and I happened to pick up an acoustic guitar and happened to play that little riff that Dave happens to like, and I happened to say, 'Maybe we should record this,' and we happened to be looking for songs for the acoustic record, so it worked."

Before the Foos' acoustic tour, the drummer will hit the road with Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders to promote their debut, due March 6 (see "Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Gets Raw On Solo LP").

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