Tori Amos Assembles A Valentine's Day Gift For Her Fans

'The Video Collection: Fade to Red' packs 21 videos onto two DVDs.

Tori Amos is offering her fans a valentine this year — a DVD collection of her music videos, remastered and with audio commentary by the singer herself.

"Over the years, whether it be through stills or moving pictures, I have always enjoyed dancing with the devil from that other medium," Amos said.

Amos worked with her "audio buddies" at Martian Studios to take advantage of new technologies so that the inventive and often abstract clips included in "Tori Amos - The Video Collection: Fade to Red," due February 14, would sound completely new, "as they have never been heard or seen before," she said.

"Fade to Red" also has a length and scale that outmatches Amos' previous such effort, her "Complete Videos: 1991-1998," which lasted little over an hour with its 15 clips from her first four albums. "Fade to Red," by contrast, lasts 90 minutes and takes up two discs for the 21 videos included, from classics such as "Crucify," "God," "Silent All These Years," and "Cornflake Girl" (both the U.S. and U.K. versions) to lesser-known songs such as "Bliss," "1000 Oceans" and "Professional Widow" and recent work like "Sweet the Sting" and "A Sorta Fairytale," which co-stars Adrien Brody. Not included, however, are the videos for "Strange Little Girl" and "Glory of the 80's."

"I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing directors and camera people," Amos said. "They took my visions and translated them onto film. Together we produced the videos that I am proud to present in this marriage of sight and sound that is this DVD collection ... these visual pieces of art."