Saigon Assaulted Outside Diner In New York

Rapper/actor was stabbed by two men Tuesday night.

Saigon's burgeoning career — and life — were almost stopped cold on Tuesday night when the rapper/actor and his friend were assailed by two men in New York's Chelsea neighborhood.

"I was coming out of a diner," Saigon said Thursday morning (January 19). "Some kid just approached me, I didn't know if he knew me from the music or what. ... He snatched my [$18,000] chain and I snatched the sh-- back."

While Saigon and his friend were laying their boots to the would-be robber, another man came from behind with a broken bottle and stabbed Saigon in the temple. A brawl between all four men broke out after that.

"I started fighting," Saigon remembered. "I felt the blood coming down but I didn't know how bad I was cut."

As it turns out, he was cut pretty severely. After Saigon started feeling dizzy, he went to his car and pretended like he was reaching for a gun, which scared off the assailants. Instead of rushing right to the hospital though, Sai stayed outside shouting at the men as they fled.

He then tried to catch a cab — he says he didn't want to get any blood in his Mercedes Benz — but when one didn't stop for him, he got in his car and drove to Bellevue Hospital. By the time he got there, doctors told him he had lost four pints of blood.

"I feel strange having strange blood in me, it's weird," he said. "I didn't want to get a blood transfusion, 'cause I don't trust no blood like that. But they said, 'If you don't take this blood, you won't be walking out of here.' I said, 'Give me the blood!' It was some crazy sh--. If I would have stayed [in front of the diner] five minutes longer, I would have bled to death. Nobody ran out of that diner and tried to help us."

Saigon says once he was sewn up (seven stitches in all), the doctors asked if they could have their picture taken with him. The doctors said they recognized him from his guest-starring role on HBO's "Entourage."

Saigon — who often travels by himself and never with any security guards — says he's going to follow advice given to him by execs at his record label. He won't be hiring security but will make sure he has four or five friends with him when he's out in the streets.

"I was kind of slippin' man," he said. "I ain't gonna front."

Sai says the ordeal has caused him to refocus on his music, namely his in-the-works album The Greatest Story Never Told. He said he should have been in the studio recording that night instead of spending idle time at the diner. The LP, which Just Blaze is producing, is 80 percent done and will probably be out sometime this year.

"It ain't like nothing out there," he said of the album. "It's got message in it. Just Blaze is coming correct with some of his best beats I ever heard. We definitely gonna make a strong impact this year."

Saigon did not file any police reports regarding the assault.