Steve-O's Latest Stunt: Recording A Rap Song

'Jackass' stuntman posts song 'Hard as a Rock' on his Web site.

Move over, K-Fed — Steve-O wants to be a rapper too, and judging by his thugged-out lyrics, you'd better watch your "PopoZao."

Unlike Kevin Federline, however, the "Jackass" stuntman has a sense of humor about his new single, "Hard as a Rock," which he posted on his Web site ( In it, the "Jackass" stuntman boasts (over the blare of sirens and gun blasts and a generic beat the G-Unit might use on a mixtape) that "there's a new boy in town."

"Whack it, smack it/ Let's make a racket/ I'm so tough I always attack it," Steve-O spits. "Snip it, lick it ... The way I ball, I cold kick it." Background singers intone, "Steve-O's a gangster/ You know he's a gangster." Considering the source, you also know it's a joke.

"Music is like food. I don't always want to eat Twinkies, that's for sure," said Steve-O, whose personal musical tastes could categorize him as a metalhead. "And if I have any regrets over the last many years, none of them bother me more than having listened to far too little music. I do my best to jam out all the time, on tour or not."

Steve-O claims the song is the title track of his upcoming gangsta-rap album, but his agent's office said the track is actually destined for the film "TV: The Movie," in which several "Jackass" characters appear. There's no release date for that film, nor any word whether it's destined for a straight-to-DVD or cable release, which was the fate of his last film, "Blind Horizon" (see "Steve-O Hoping Val Kilmer Will Chloroform Him, Do Mean Things"). "My part ended up getting a bit whittled down," Steve-O said. "My dad and I were debating whether 'Huh-huh' counts as a speaking role, but I say it is!"

Steve-O has a bigger movie on the way, which will start shooting later this month and wrap in March, to be announced shortly. "It's pretty top secret," he said, "maybe even too top secret for me to be talking about."

In the meantime, he added, "I'll try and stay out of jail."