New 'Grand Theft Auto' On The Way

Next title in popular game series due before Halloween.

It looks like the video game crime rate won't be dropping in 2006.

An all-new "Grand Theft Auto" for Sony's PSP will be released by Rockstar Games sometime before Halloween, Take Two Interactive, game publisher and parent company of Rockstar, announced on Thursday.

Rockstar representatives could not be reached by press time to comment on the nature of the new game.

The company also announced that the most recent "GTA," the 2005 PSP title "Liberty City Stories," will be released for the PS2 by the end of March.

The announcements reinforced the notion that gamers who like "GTA"-style games will be well-served in 2006. THQ will be releasing a similar title, "Saint's Row," sometime this year for Xbox 360. Atari has promised a new installment of its "GTA" rival series, "Driver." And Real Time Worlds, the company run by David Jones, a creator of the original "Grand Theft Auto," is developing two games that have been described as spiritual successors to Rockstar's hit series. One is the expected 2006 Xbox 360 title "Crackdown;" the other is "All Points Bulletin," a game expected in 2007 which was recently referred to by the gaming site as the "world's first massively multiplayer gang-banging simulation."

Take Two also promised releases of games based on the hit show "24" and the best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code," and announced that Rockstar will put out an original title for Xbox 360, all by the end of October.