Fall Out Boy Working On Their Grammy Acceptance Speech

Pop-rockers are also busy trying to figure out which single to drop next.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — If the Academy wants to inject a little humor into February's Grammy ceremony, perhaps it should give the Best New Artist trophy to Fall Out Boy.

"I'd like to thank the Academy for nominating us for our music rather than how our bus smells," bassist Pete Wentz told MTV News recently, giving a sample of what could come.

Sadly, Wentz and his bandmates still haven't had time to properly celebrate the honor of just being nominated. On the day nominees were announced, Wentz was woken up with the news so early in the morning that he hung up on his publicist before he could comprehend what she said. Singer/guitarist Patrick Stump, meanwhile, spent 12 hours stranded at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

"It was that day of that horrible thing at Midway," he recalled, referring to the plane that slipped off the runway at Chicago's other airport. "And the whole day I'm sitting there. My whole family's like, 'Hey, congratulations!' And I'm like, 'Thanks.' 'So, how was the flight?' 'Oh, it'll be great, I'm sure, thanks.' "

Winning, however, might be a long shot, with leading nominee John Legend in the same category, as well as Ciara, Keane and Sugarland.

Fall Out Boy's Grammy uncertainty will be answered when the ceremony is held February 8 in Los Angeles. In the meantime, the guys are preparing to release the next single from their 2005 breakout album, From Under the Cork Tree.

"We're talking about a couple of different songs right now," Wentz said. "It's a battle between ['Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year'] and 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More "Touch Me." ' And we're working on a video treatment right now. I think that we decided we wanted all of our videos to be event videos and this one's gonna be like 180 degrees from where 'Dance, Dance' is. But I promise it's gonna be just as exciting, bizarre, weird. Something you wouldn't expect out of Fall Out Boy."

The guys have also been busy writing songs for their next album (see "Fall Out Boy Nearly Done Writing 'Way Different' Next LP") and, Grammy or no Grammy, they're not letting any pressure to live up to From Under the Cork Tree get to them.

"This is the thing about pressure," Wentz said. "It's like people say, 'We finally understand Fall Out Boy and we finally got it figured out and let's squeeze more of this out of them.' And meanwhile, when you figured out what we were doing four years ago, we're gonna do this other thing and you're gonna be like, 'I don't know if it's gonna work.' And it might not work, whatever, but we're not gonna sit there and try to squeeze like every single drop of blood out of us."

"I don't think we care anymore about what we're gonna do," Stump added. "We're just gonna be our own band and we're not gonna pretend to be any more rock or any less whatever than we are. We're kinda hardcore kids, we're kinda a metal band in this weird way, we're kinda into soul, we're kinda into folk, we're kinda into a lot of stuff and we're just gonna do whatever we do."

Along with the various influences that may or may not be incorporated in the follow-up to From Under the Cork Tree, the band said it'll incorporate vocal melodies more than ever before and that, from a lyrical standpoint, the band is in a much better place.

"I feel like our first record was like, 'Oh heartbreak, you did this to me, I wanna watch you burn alive,' " Wentz explained. "And then the next one was kind of like, 'I'm going crazy, I don't know what's happening right now, change my medication.' And this one's kind of like, 'Medication's all right, the girl's all right,' there's a couple love songs on there. Ain't nothing wrong with a little bump and grind."

As they continue to write new songs, Fall Out Boy are still waiting to hear from Babyface, whom they hope will produce the new album (see "Fall Out Boy Want Babyface To Produce Their Next Album").

"We sent him demos and we're just waiting to hear from him," Wentz said. "And I would imagine that a guy like that, like I get four demos a day, I can imagine he gets like 4 million a day. So I guess we're just gonna kind of wait and hear. But it's definitely on our wish list."

Fall Out Boy will record the album in the summer, after finishing a few other projects. Along with producing a band called Hush Sound, which is signed to Wentz's Decaydance Records, Stump is also lined up to helm a record for the Gym Class Heroes.

The band is also set to perform on MTV's New Year's Eve show and then hit the road in the spring with the All-American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights and From First to Last (see "Fall Out Boy To Tour With Hawthorne Heights; Secret FOB Gigs Also In The Works").

"On this last tour we set it up like a play: We did act one and act two with an intermission and costume change, and that's hilarious 'cause we just exaggerated everything everyone would ever say about a band like us," Wentz said. "And I think that we'll try to do something different on the next tour, step it up."

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