Hot Hot Heat Too Tipsy To Shoot Video In Spain, May Shoot It In Space Instead

Band says shooting 'You Owe Me an IOU' clip underwater might be cheapest, though.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Last we heard from Hot Hot Heat, the Canadian dance-rockers were about to head to Spain to shoot a pirate-themed video for "You Owe Me an IOU." That was in August.

"We probably shouldn't have told you that 'cause we changed our mind," singer Steve Bays said backstage at KROQ's recent Almost Acoustic Christmas (see "Coldplay Salute System, Stripes, SoCal Torsos At Radio Fest").

"We ended up going [overseas] and just getting too wasted to make a video," drummer Paul Hawley added.

So the band really made it to Spain? "Yeah, that's the weird thing," Bays confirmed.

"We should've just filmed that Spain trip and made that the video, because we had some pretty exciting times," guitarist Luke Paquin said. "And then we had this other idea to shoot the video in space, but the logistics were pretty much impossible."

"Yeah, it wasn't in the budget," Bays added. "I think we still might shoot it underwater though, it's what we're talking about. Apparently that's cheaper than space."

So Hot Hot Heat are still planning to release the track, it's just been pushed a back a bit — much like the band's tour schedule.

"We're kind of staggering the touring a bit at this point just to write more songs for our next record," Bays said. "We've got a month booked to just go write, which I think we're all excited about. And then maybe test 'em out just on tour, maybe in February, and then hopefully be in the studio for the spring."

Actually the band has already written enough material for another record, using its soundchecks to flesh them out on the road (see "Hot Hot Heat Join Foos, Fear Warm Drinks And Turkish Prisons On Tour").

"Every record, you want it to be different, and you write differently in different cities," Bays explained. "We wrote a song in Spain, we wrote a song in Chicago ... and when you write lyrics on the road they tend to be more psychedelic."

"There's one song that we started at the beginning of this tour and I think we've jammed it every day. It's been played all around the world in many, many different places and I think that's kind of a cool thing," Hanley added.

Hot Hot Heat have yet to decide on a producer for their Elevator follow-up, but Bays said the band is intent on doing something different for these sessions.

"Just how, we're not sure though," Hanley added.

"We could consider recording in space," Paquin suggested. "If the video thing doesn't pan out."