All's Phair On Liz's New Album

Liz Phair, The Donnas, Carly Simon, Silkworm, Earth Crisis...

Five tracks on the upcoming Liz Phair album,

whitechocolatespaceegg, were produced at Chicago's Velvet Shirt

by Brad Wood, who was behind the board for both Exile in

Guyville and Whip-Smart. Wood, who described the album as

"full-on old-school Liz with some new beats," said he produced the first

single, "Johnny Feelgood," as well as "Polyester Bird," "What Makes You

Happy," "Uncle Alvarez" and "Go On Ahead." So why has the album, due

out in August, taken three years and multiple producers to complete? "I

don't know," Wood said. "I think Guyville is a great record and

Whip-Smart is a good record -- they set the bar pretty high. If you

don't respect Liz's previous work, you're gonna be in trouble with her

legion of fans. You have to be a fan of Liz Phair to make a great Liz Phair

record. She's a phenomenal guitar player and a good singer. If you take the

guitar out of her hand and start messing with that you get the new Coke

and then everyone screams for Classic."