Korn Expanding 'Twisted' Video With Snoop, Lil Jon Into 'Spinal Tap'-Style Film

Band says David Banner, Xzibit, director Dave Meyers also on board for full-length movie.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Korn and rapper friends Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, David Banner and Xzibit apparently had so much fun making the "Twisted Transistor" video that they want to expand the project into a movie.

"We're gonna try to do like a full-on new 'Spinal Tap,' but with hip-hop guys in a rock band," Korn singer Jonathan Davis said backstage at KROQ-FM's Almost Acoustic Christmas on Saturday (see "Coldplay Salute System, Stripes, SoCal Torsos At Radio Fest"), referring to Rob Reiner's classic 1984 mockumentary, "This Is Spinal Tap."

The idea came up while shooting the record-label boardroom scene for the video and everyone agreed much more could be done with the concept, a spoof of Korn's metal lifestyle but with Jon as Davis, Snoop as guitarist Munky, Banner as drummer David Silveria and Xzibit as bassist Fieldy (see "Lil Jon, Snoop, Xzibit, David Banner Star In New Korn Video").

"We've got some crazy 'Spinal Tap' moments [that have really happened to Korn], so it's just gonna get in deeper and deeper and take it over the top," Davis said. "It should be an amazing film if we ever get it made."

Davis said all four rappers (who, coincidently, each have budding movie careers) as well as director Dave Meyers are on board. "Meyers was stoked on it. He was like, 'Let's do this, let's do it like this,' " Davis added. "You can shoot movies cheap now these days, so it's gonna be cool if we can do it."

In the meantime, Korn are preparing for the release of "Coming Undone," the second single from See You on the Other Side (see "Korn On New LP: 'Sadness,' 'Anger,' 'Darkness' ... 'Kind Of Perverted' "), the band's first album without founding guitarist Head (see "Korn On Head: Davis Hasn't Spoken To Him, Munky Still Sees Him As Inspiration").

"We like that song 'cause it's such a really anthem kind of song, it's got that cool, like, Queen 'We Will Rock You' beat in it, and we feel a lot of people are feeling that song," Davis said. "It just comes from a place when you seem like in life you can take all you can take and you're just basically gonna just lose it, go postal. So that's the gist of the song, it's just talking about times that's happened to me."

Coming undone, of course, has been a common theme in Korn's music since the beginning and Davis doesn't see that ever changing.

 Photos From The Set Of "Twisted Transistor"

 "Twisted Transistor" Video

"I have a lot of happy things in my life that I love dearly, my family and my friends, but they don't inspire me to write lyrics," he explained. "If I was that, I'd be in some happy punk-rock band like Weezer. ... I've always been drawn towards darker things, it's what makes me wanna write."

Korn have yet to decide on a concept for the "Coming Undone" video, but should have it locked by the end of the year, now that the band finally "has some time to think."

"We've done lots of record launches, but it's been a long time since we've really went out and promoted one this hard," Davis said of Korn's hectic schedule. "We've been on a tour for the last month and a half, just doing promotion, taking over radio stations and playing little shows and doing in-stores and it's a very exciting time and we're really, really excited to be still doing this."

Korn are taking January off but will hit the road for a world tour beginning in February and lasting into 2007.

"It's gonna be a Korn headlining thing," Davis said. "We're starting off first here in the States for eight weeks and then we go over to Australia, Southeast Asia and then go to Europe, come back, probably do a summer tour here, go to South America and then start all over again. Keep doing just big circles, going all around the world. We're gonna be gone a long time but it's what we like to do, we really love playing live and it's really a new band with four of us and we just want to get out there. We're really hungry."

Davis had no word yet on who will open for Korn on the trek.

"I usually don't know who we're going out with until I show up ready to go," he said with a laugh. "Sometimes we take bands that we really like, but right now I'm not really feeling that many people or the people that we are feeling are out doing their own tours, so it's tricky, but I know we'll get somebody."