'Remove The Boil That Is Kevin': Petition Calls For Britney To Dump Her Man

DivorceKevin.com organizer has collected more than 2,300 signatures and messages from concerned Britney fans.

Back in 1997, straight-laced cultural critic George F. Will wrote in a Newsweek article that the Internet was "the most participatory marketplace of mass speech that this country — and indeed the world — has yet seen."

A bold statement, for sure ... especially since Will's piece was published a mere eight years and five months before the debut of DivorceKevin.com, the latest and possibly, um, greatest example of "mass speech" to be foisted upon the unsuspecting e-masses.

The site — started by noted grass-roots organizer (and late-night DJ at Little Rock, Arkansas, radio station Alice 107.7) Jason Cage — urges disillusioned Britney Spears fans to sign a "K-Fed Up" petition calling for the erstwhile princess of pop to ditch her husband and "remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll."

"I've been following Britney from the get-go, and when this engagement happened it became a really big topic on my radio show. People were freaking out about it," Cage said. "And at first, everyone thought, 'OK, maybe this will last a week.' But it just kept going, and the longer it went on, I think the more people realized that something had to be done."

And so Cage — who achieved some level of notoriety earlier this year thanks to another online petition he started, FeedLindsay.com — decided to act. On November 21, he launched DivorceKevin.com, and in the three weeks since the site has been up, he's already collected more than 2,300 signatures and messages from concerned Britney fans (sample posting: "Brit, just DUMP his beer-soaked ass") and he'd like to think that he's already made a difference in the battle to "free" Britney.

"As soon as the site went up, Britney [allegedly] kicked him out of the house and had his car towed. And I'd like to think it's because of me," Cage laughed. "The thing is, I've received very little hate mail about this whole thing. With FeedLindsay.com, people seemed to either support her or hate her, but with Britney, it's like the polar opposite. Almost everyone seems to agree that she shouldn't be with him."

And while Cage remains somewhat fearful of legal — or physical — retribution from Spears' camp ("She happens to have some pretty huge bodyguards," he joked), he's quick to point out that the site is just a joke. Though he does have some advice for Brit-Brit if she decides to follow his advice and spilt with Federline.

"I think I'd tell her to find a guy who bathes and doesn't walk around all day in wife-beaters," Cage said. "Also, it'd probably be good if she finds someone who has a real job. But that's just one man's advice."