Unreleased Buckley Track On Net

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A previously unreleased song by late singer/songwriter

Jeff Buckley is currently available on the "Official

Alien Abductee's Website". The campfire-like country tune, "Ozark Melody," an uncharacteristically lighthearted paean to alien abduction, was written and recorded last year by Buckley and pal Frederick Reed (Deee-Lite, Joni Mitchell), with lyrics penned by alien aficionado Joe Tripician. Featuring lyrics such as "The aliens are recruiting/ over hill and dale they're lootin'/ for kins and cows and even chickens, too/ they took my cousin Billy/ now he's more than silly/ I wish they'd take my Auntie Mary Lou," the song is light-years away from the darker, more emotional music for which Buckley was best-known. A posthumous double-album of material by Buckley, SKETCHES: for my sweetheart the drunk, will be released on May 26; the singer accidentally drowned last May in the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tenn. The website's address is www.uexpress.com/alien-abductee/html/melodies.html.