Chappelle: Material From Unfinished Season To Air In '06 — Sneak Peek Airing Sunday

Glimpse of new material will also be archived on broadband network.

A year after Dave Chappelle walked away from his TV show, we will finally get to see some new episodes. In fact, we'll get a look at them this Sunday.

Comedy Central will be broadcasting unaired material the comedian completed before he went on his abrupt (and seemingly permanent) hiatus from "Chappelle's Show" earlier this year, but the network is not promising that Chappelle is back for good.

The station will give a sneak peek at some of the material from Chappelle's aborted third season on Sunday during its "Last Laugh '05," and the peek will be available on the station's broadband site, Motherload, on the following day, according to a spokesperson.

Comedy Central (which, like MTV, is owned by Viacom) will air the material — in four half-hour episodes, minus Chappelle's familiar commentary segments, which were never filmed — sometime in mid-2006 as part of what it's calling "season three" of the popular sketch-comedy show.

Chappelle signed a multimillion-dollar deal for future editions of the show last year, and began working on season three before walking out on the tapings in April and taking a "spiritual retreat" in Africa (see "Dave Chappelle Reportedly In Mental Health Facility"). Since returning to the U.S., the comedian has done a number of stand-up dates (see "Dave Chappelle Is Back Onstage"), but has not discussed in detail the story behind his departure from the show.

A preview of the new material was shown at a recent Comedy Central event, and it included spoofs of MTV's "Cribs" and the Morgan Spurlock fast-food documentary "Super Size Me." All the bits were taped before Chappelle pulled the plug on the show, and the network would not comment on whether the decision to package the material was an admission that the comedian is not coming back for future episodes.

[This story originally published at 7:49 a.m. ET]