Ashlee Simpson Is The World's Worst Date In Clip For 'L.O.V.E.'

'It's like Ashlee is playing a character from a Tarantino film,' video's treatment says.

Just call her "Smashlee": Ashlee Simpson's a girl gone wild in the video for her second single from I Am Me, breakdancing, jumping off of rooftops and slicing guys' shirts off, all in the name of "L.O.V.E."

(Click here to see photos of Ashlee Simpson from the set of her "L.O.V.E." video.)

"It's like Ashlee is playing a character from a Quentin Tarantino film," wrote director Diane Martel in her treatment of the clip.

In the video, Ashlee's the life of the party, having forsaken her latest boy toy to hang with the girls for a night out on the town. Their idea of fun is to punk unsuspecting strangers at the gas station — by having a friend clad only in his boxers bust out of the trunk of their car, tied up, running away as if he's escaping "kidnappers." Not that other guy friends escape so easily: At one point, while Ashlee's dancing at a house party, she takes down a Samurai sword off the wall and swings it around, slicing up a couch as well as a guy's shirt, exposing his abs.

Ashlee suffers a bit for her impetuousness — when she jumps off the roof into the bushes, she hurts her butt. And when she's dozing on the couch, someone exacts revenge for previous pranks by drawing on her face and arms with eyeliner. But that's the least of the goings-on at this party, where people draw graffiti on the walls with shaving cream, wrap themselves in bubble wrap and toilet paper, and hack up furniture with a chainsaw. By dawn, Ashlee's on her way home, alone, and the guy she blew off has tried to reach her 21 times in the night.

Not that she cares...

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