The Dream Is Nearly Over For Mike Jones

Rapper 85 percent finished with follow-up to Who Is Mike Jones?

CULVER CITY, California — The name Mike Jones sounds more appropriate for an accountant than a rapper, so it figures he would have an exact number for the completion percentage of his next album.

"It's 85 percent done," Jones said earlier this month at the Vibe Awards (see "Mariah Wins Big, Mary J. Gets Emotional At Peaceful Vibe Awards").

Houston's Jones originally hoped to release the album this year (see "Keep Tippin': Mike Jones To Release New LP By Year's End; Phone Not Disconnected"), but he says the release date is now April 18. The title has also been altered slightly to The American Dream.

"Every year I'm dropping an album, just trying to stay fresh in the game," said Jones, whose Who Is Mike Jones? came out in April. "I just wanna let the world know about Mike Jones, I'm just trying to get branded."

In the meantime, Jones just shot the video for his next single, "Flossin'."

"Sometimes you just have to step outside and floss every now and then," he said of the song. "Flossin' just basically means just step outside with the jewelry, step outside with the car, just have a good day, let the top down, just have fun, man."

And Jones did just that for the video, which centers around a pool party.

Along with his own music, Jones has also become a commodity around the industry as a guest rapper.

"I've been doing stuff with Bow Wow, T-Pain, I've been talking with Usher," Jones said. "A lot of people have been coming to me, showing me a lot of love. Russell Simmons, I'm doing some stuff with him. I'm just trying to keep it going. I met R. Kelly the other day, he's a real cool dude; G-Unit, they're real cool. I'm with everybody, I'm just trying to work, man."

Jones is also getting some work behind the camera. He just appeared in an episode of "Prison Break" and will rejoin the show when it returns in the spring. He's also reading movie scripts. "That's really my art," Jones said.

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