Early Menudo Members Reunite For Tour

Six one-time members of legendary Latino pop group Menudo are

planning to reunite for an international tour, Billboard Online reports.

Johnny Lozado, Ricky Melendez, Ray Reyes,

Miguel Cancel, Charlie Masso and Rene Farrait are

reportedly gearing up for a June tour of Mexico followed by a six-week U.S.

excursion in the summer. According to Menudo Online

(http://members.aol.com/Menudo77/index.html), the teeny-bopper vocal group

has had 33 different members pass through its ranks since the group's

inception in 1977. Lozada, Reyes, Cancel, Masso and Farrait were all a part of

the group in 1981, with Cancel joining after Melendez left in 1981 and Reyes

jumping into the fray upon Cancel's departure in 1983.