Eminem Shares: New Video Addresses Stint In Rehab, Family

Clip opens with Em in setting resembling a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Eminem has never shied away from airing his private life in his work, and the video for his new single, "When I'm Gone," is no exception.

The clip begins with Em addressing his recent stint in a rehab clinic for dependency on sleep medication (see "Eminem Hospitalized For Sleep-Medication Dependency").

The video, which was directed by Anthony Mandler in Em's hometown of Detroit on November 13 and 14, opens in a large room that resembles a school gym, where adults seated in folding chairs are gathered around a middle-aged man speaking at a podium — the setup is like a Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The man tells the group about how rough the last six years of his life have been, and how he and his wife are happy that he's changed. Eminem, wearing a ball cap that reveals some of his black hair, is one of the people in the crowd.

The leader of the group then asks if anyone would like to share. Em gets up, goes to the podium and says, "My name is Marshall." The rest of the video illustrates the lyrics from the song, including the lines describing how his daughter Hailie put up boxes to block the front door of their home to stop Eminem from leaving to go on tour.

A teaser from the video will be shown on "TRL" on Wednesday (November 23), with the full clip premiering on Monday. Em's greatest-hits LP, Curtain Call — which features "When I'm Gone" — will be in stores on December 6 (see "Slim Shady's Phattest, Brightest Compiled For Eminem Hits LP").