DMX Sentenced To 70 Days Behind Bars

Rapper will spend an extra 10 days on Rikers Island due to tardiness.

DMX will have some extra time in jail to think about the importance of being on time, a judge has ruled.

The rapper (whose real name is Earl Simmons) was handed a 70-day sentence on Friday (November 18) for violating his parole and being late to court. He originally faced 60 days, but a judge tacked on an extra 10 after he showed up late to court the day before.

After the rapper entered his plea Thursday, Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt warned X that she would consider upping his time if he failed to show up on time for sentencing. At 4 p.m. Thursday — two hours after his scheduled sentencing — Chin-Brandt issued a bench warrant for the rapper's arrest. DMX showed up outside the courthouse 45 minutes later and was ushered to Judge Steven Paynter's courtroom, who ordered him to spend the night at Rikers Island, where he is now behind bars.

On Friday, X apologized to the judge for his lateness the day before, saying he had an asthma attack and producing a doctor's note. Still, Chin-Brandt said she was angry with him for his consistent failure to comply with her rules and regulations.

"She said his whole attitude has been terrible and one of disregard," said his lawyer, Murray Richman. He said X told the court: " 'Forgive me. Sometimes you only see the movie star or the rap star, but there's a person behind this all as well.' "

X's term could be reduced to 46 days, depending on his behavior in jail.

Late last month, the rapper pleaded guilty to violating the terms of his conditional release (see "DMX Pleads Guilty, Will Likely Spend 40 Days In Prison"). The charge stemmed from a June 2004 incident at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport during which X allegedly claimed to be a federal agent and tried to steal a car (see "DMX Faces Drug, Weapons Charges After Airport Incident").

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