Chris Brown Explains The Finer Points Of Hollering 'Yo!'

Singer shoots clip for second single, 'Yo.'

SANTA MONICA, California — All right, fellas, take note: Chris Brown is about to show you the proper way to holla at a lady.

"When you say 'yo' to a girl, whether it be at an amusement park or the mall, [it can be] offensive. It's like, 'Yo, yo, yo,' and the girl will be like, 'What?' That's disrespectful," the R&B singer said of his second single, called — you guessed it — "Yo."

"But I try to flip it and make it seem like that's the only thing I could say, like, 'Yo, you took my breath away. Can I get your name and number and talk to you for awhile?' "

The clip, co-directed by Brown and Erik White (who helmed the video for Brown's first single, "Run It!"), opens with the teen, playing a worker at an upscale sneaker store, running late for work. But on his way in, he becomes distracted by a beautiful young woman and starts to follow her, trying to grab her attention by pulling out all the moves — with a little help from his boys, of course.

"I try to bring a little swagger to it," he laughed. "We do our little dance and I just sing the whole song to her and let her know that I'm not the typical guy that's like, 'Yo, I just want [that].' I'm trying to be a gentleman about it."

The video will feature not just one, but two songs by Brown, as it cuts from "Yo" to the Scott Storch-produced "Gimme That." Look for an off-the-chain dance performance that will light up the clip with some "crumpin', poppin' and slotting," as Brown puts it, and maybe even a throwback to a Janet Jackson classic.

"I show a little more of the rugged, street part of the dancing," Brown said. "There's sort of a 'Rhythm Nation'-type feel with all-black suits on. You'll see like the Black Panther, the gasoline worker and me as a S.W.A.T. man. [It'll have] all different aspects. It's just crazy."

For his second act, the charismatic crooner wanted to slow it down and show the world another side of Chris Brown, one that focuses more on the vocal chops that got him where he is today.

"You know, people see the video [for 'Run It!'] and they see the singer, but they don't really see the artist," said Brown, whose self-titled debut album drops November 29 (see "Chris Brown Dancing His 'Run It!' Straight Up The Charts"). "They'll say, 'Oh, he's just dancing. He's just got a hot song right now,' but what they don't know is that the whole album is incredible.

"I can't wait until we do the album-release parties and let people hear my music and what I've been working on up to this point," he added. "I'm just going crazy right now."