50 Cent Wonders How Terrence Howard Gets Home

Rapper weighs in on his 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' ' co-star.

Now that fans have had the chance to see the film "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," everyone will undoubtedly be critiquing 50 Cent's acting skills. Since 50 has already weighed in on his own performance (see "50 Says He's No 'Super Actor' — And Tells Em He's Not A Sucker"), he's turning his analytical eye on his co-star Terrence Howard. Howard has seemingly been everywhere this year, and 50 feels that he's broken out even further in "Get Rich."

"Terrence is incredible," 50 said. "This is his time. You see his consistency. Sometimes you don't have to have a knockout to win. It's been a combination for Terrence Howard ... 'Crash,' 'Four Brothers,' 'Hustle & Flow.' I feel his performance in this film is going to take him to an even higher spot."

In the movie, Howard plays a character very left-of-center, to say the least. In real life, 50 says that Howard's method acting has made him raise an eyebrow.

"I get to watch him become more comfortable being different people," Fif said. "He's a little crazy. These [actors] are crazy. I think Terrence can do anything. But to consistently be someone else, how do you get home? How do you get back to you? Let's say it takes 30 days to get back. If you become someone else for three months, don't you think that sometimes portions of that character come back? If you get frustrated or angry you might go back to that angry character. My experience with Hollywood women proves it."

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